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Donut kept in such a place in the room, there is a problem in finding it, you have to cross the illusionary challenge in 10 seconds

The practice of presenting puzzles or challenges through pictures is very old. Some such pictures are made to test and exercise your brain properly. In which the task of finding hidden things is done to confuse you. Such pictures are called optical illusion challenge. In which the hidden thing is adept at deceiving the eyes. Solving the challenges hidden in optical illusion pictures requires a lot of brainstorming. In such a situation, one does not have to leave the mind completely, then the challenge hidden in the picture gets solved somewhere.

Optical illusion challenges are very tricky to solve, so you may have a hard time finding a donut hidden in a room in a picture. Still you have to prove your intelligence by finding the donut kept in the room in 10 seconds. Your time starts now…

Did you see the donut in the room?
You will see many things in the picture released by Bright Side. Among whom you have to search for donut. In the first picture, you will see a big sofa, on which a black cat is sitting, then there is a book shelf on the right side, which is full of books. The room has windows on two sides. A beautiful view of the outside is visible from one window, while a decorative table is kept close to the other. This is the full view of that room, in which you have to search for that donut which you cannot see. But you have only 10 seconds to find it.

Donut cheated by mixing with the design of the carpet

Looked everywhere but donut was lying in front
If you have thoroughly searched every corner of the room and still want to try, then once again look at the picture carefully. And try to check whether you have missed any place where donut can be placed. Now if you are completely sure that you have searched everywhere and there is no donut in the picture, then take our opinion, once you look at the carpet lying on the floor seen in the picture. Many donuts have not been kept between the round designs. If there is any doubt, you can see the picture given above.

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