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Does your sugar also increase after eating? Take only one thing 30 minutes before, diabetes will be less than guaranteed


If we consume almonds 30 minutes before eating, then the level of blood sugar can be brought down.
Usually Indians test blood sugar on an empty stomach but not after eating.

Diabetes control tips: Diabetes is a disease in which the amount of blood sugar in the blood increases. When insulin is less produced in the pancreas or insulin does not work, then glucose is not absorbed and in this condition diabetes occurs. In some people, the amount of blood sugar increases on an empty stomach, while in some people, the amount of blood sugar increases after eating. Both the situations are bad. Since diabetes is a lifestyle related disease and our diet and sedentary lifestyle are mainly responsible for this. Therefore, if we improve it, then diabetes can be eradicated.

Experts have suggested that if we consume almonds 30 minutes before meals, not only can the level of blood sugar be brought down, but the work of diabetes can also be done. Experts have said that if we eat 20 grams of almonds every time 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner, then 30 grams of this almond every day will not only bring the blood glucose level back to its previous state, but it will also work for diabetes. Everything can happen.

Almond was chosen for many reasons
Indian Express According to a news, a study has been done keeping India in mind, in which this thing has come to the fore. In fact, gaining special recognition among Indians, almonds have been chosen as a pre-meal load due to their abundance of mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), fiber and protein. That is, before eating, almonds have been selected as the main superfood in the form of eliminating blood sugar. The study has been led by Dr Seema Gulati of the Center for Nutrition Research, National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation and Dr Anoop Mishra, Chairman, Diabetes and Allied Science, Fortis Hospital.

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Published in International Journal
Dr. Gulati told that we have done our study in two ways. First, what elements are responsible for the immediate reduction of blood sugar, and secondly, what will be the long-term effect of consuming almonds before meals on diabetic patients. The first study has been published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition while the second study has been published in Clinical Nutrition ESPN. He told that this study is also important because Indians usually test blood sugar on an empty stomach but do not pay attention to the post-meal sugar test, whereas most of the Indians have such a diet, in which there is every possibility of increasing sugar. Is. That’s why sugar increases a lot after eating them. Increase in sugar after eating is a sign of type 2 diabetes in the beginning itself.

Dr. Gulati says that it has been proved in the study that consuming almonds before meals not only prevents the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but also has the ability to eliminate diabetes in those who have diabetes. Simply put, consumption of almonds prevents all kinds of complications even in diabetes patients.

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