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Does refreshing really increase the speed of the laptop? 99 percent people do not know the real work of F5 key

Photo:File photo Refreshing never increases the speed of laptop or desktop

Does F5 make computer faster? If you are using a laptop or desktop, then at some point you must have faced a problem, that is, the computer is slow or hanging. In such a situation, 99 percent people start refreshing it directly. There are many people who start refreshing the computer as soon as they turn it on and then press the F5 button. Everyone thinks that their computer is getting refreshed and this will end the hang problem. But, let us tell you that nothing like this happens. The reason behind this is something else.

Many people think that if the system is refreshed repeatedly, the speed of the system increases and it frees up the RAM, although it is completely wrong. It’s just an illusion, the F5 button has nothing to do with increasing system speed.

The latest information is shown

Let us tell you that whenever you refresh your laptop or desktop, it does not increase the speed of the system, but it shows the new information along with the changes made in that folder or desktop. If you explain in simple language, then if you have changed the name of a folder, then it will start showing as soon as you press f5.

This is the role of F5

If the folders on the desktop are not arranged properly, pressing the F5 button will refresh all the folders and arrange them in a line. Similarly, if you have created a shortcut and it is not visible to you, then you will see it as soon as you refresh.

Let us tell you that the F5 button present in the keyboard only reloads the open page in your desktop screen. When the page reloads, people think that the system is refreshing and this will free up the RAM and the system will work properly. If there is a problem of hanging or slow speed in your system, then you can restart it.

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