Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Does combing wet hair cause hair fall? Learn the right way to comb here

Hair Combing Tips: It is important to know the right way to comb your hair to avoid excessive hair fall. Unfortunately, many people still do not know the proper technique. For example, combing wet hair in a hurry can lead to hair fall. Wet hair is more fragile and thinner, which makes it vulnerable to breakage when brushed vigorously. However, gently combing or brushing hair when wet and after applying serum should not cause hair fall.

While combing wet hair is unlikely to be the only reason for hair loss, it is still recommended to use hair serum when hair is semi-dry for better absorption. Hair loss can happen due to various reasons such as vitamin deficiency, hormone imbalance, washing hair with hot or dirty water, and other factors. Hair loss is a natural process that occurs as part of the hair growth cycle. Losing around 50-100 hairs daily is considered normal.

To comb your hair correctly, it is important to be gentle and use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to detangle your hair. Avoid pulling on your hair, and using heat styling tools on wet hair without a hair detangling spray or serum can cause damage. Combing wet hair gently should not cause much hair fall, but it is essential to handle wet hair with care to avoid breakage and damage.

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