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Doctors will go on strike, notice given to Health Secretary – Presswire18

Chandigarh, December 4 (Trinew)

Doctors of government hospitals of Haryana are preparing to go on strike. He has given notice to Dr. G. Anupama, Additional Chief Secretary of the Health Department, and announced to go on strike from December 9. The strike may continue for a long time. The doctors are angry that their demands have not been met even after the consensus reached in the meetings with Chief Minister Manohar Lal and Health Minister Anil Vij.

Actually, there is no consensus between the officials of the Health Department and the Finance Department regarding the demands of the doctors. ‘File war’ is going on between the two departments. On the other hand, Health Minister Anil Vij has left the work of the department for the last two months. There is a pile of files related to the department at his place. Vij is angry because of the working style of an officer of the CMO (Chief Minister’s Office).

The CMO official had held a review meeting of the health department without taking Vij into confidence. Although sensing Vij’s anger, CM Manohar Lal has already held a meeting with him, but the deadlock still persists. Vij wants that action should be taken first on the issues he has raised before the CM and the objections he has lodged. However, Haryana Civil Medical Services Association has announced a strike.

The association alleges that there are about half a dozen issues of the doctors, which have not been given any attention for the last two to three years. There are some issues for which the Chief Minister and the Health Minister have already given instructions to resolve them.

But the officials of the Health Department and the Finance Department have created a entanglement in this. When these issues were not being resolved despite repeated requests, the association decided to hold a first two-day pen down strike on 9 December. After this the doctors can go on indefinite strike.

Association President Dr. Rajesh Khayaliya and General Secretary Dr. Anil Yadav have sent a letter to the Additional Chief Secretary of the department, Dr. G. Anupama, informing about the two-hour strike. He has also sent his list of issues to the Health Secretary so that they can be resolved in time. Dr. Khayaliya says that despite the trust given two years ago, a separate cadre of specialist doctors has not been created yet.

There is a huge shortage of specialist doctors in the hospitals of the state. On the lines of the Central Government and Bihar, four ACPs are not being given in Haryana after four, nine, 13 and 20 years of service, although the Health Department has assured the association about this several times.

Opposition to direct recruitment of SMO

General Secretary of the Association, Dr. Anil Yadav said that after the assurance of the Chief Minister and the Health Minister, the Finance Department has kept the file pending with itself. He also opposed the direct recruitment of SMOs in the state. He said that only five percent of Medical Officers (MO) are promoted to become Senior Medical Officer (SMO) during their entire service period. 95 percent retire without becoming SMO. Therefore, the state government should ban direct recruitment of SMOs so that MOs can get a chance to get promoted. The Health Minister had also written a letter in this regard on June 3, 2021. That too has had no effect.

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