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Do you have money plant plant in your house too? So know the advantages and disadvantages related to it, do not make such a mistake even by mistake

Money Plant Benefits and Disadvantages: Generally money plant plant is found in all the houses because it is believed that there is no shortage of money in the house by planting it. Along with this, it is also considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Not only this, in Vastu Shastra also the plant of money plant has been considered very special. It is believed that in the house where there is a money plant plant, financial crisis never reaches there and Lakshmi Maa’s blessings always remain there. However, due to some mistakes, planting money plant can also cause loss.

Many times people plant money plant anywhere in the house in any way and think that now the economic crisis will end but it is not so. Some tips have been given in Vastu Shastra for planting money plant. If they are followed, this plant gives many times more benefits, but if there is a mistake, it can also give us a huge loss. Let us know about the advantages and disadvantages associated with it and the right ways to apply it…

  • While planting money plant in the house, it should be kept in mind that the leaves of this plant should never touch the ground. Touching the leaves on the ground increases the chances of getting money from home.

  • A green money plant is considered auspicious for economic prosperity, so if the leaves of the plant have dried up or have turned yellow, then you should replace the plant.

Dream Meaning: If these things are seen in the dream, then your time can change, you can become rich

  • It may sound a bit strange but never let any outsider touch the money plant. In such a situation, the happiness and prosperity of the house can end.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the direction should be specially taken care of while planting money plant. This plant should never be planted in west or north east direction. This plant is always considered more auspicious in the south-east direction.

  • It is believed that this plant has a direct connection with the planet Venus, so the leaves of the money plant should never be plucked on Fridays.

  • Money plant sapling should never be gifted to others. This can anger the God of Venus. Please tell that according to the scriptures, Venus is the god of happiness and peace and gifting to others can disturb the peace and happiness of your home.

  • Money plant plant does not require a lot of sunlight, so it should always be planted inside the house.

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