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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Do you have arguments with your brother-in-law on every issue? These tips will help you to bring sweetness in your relationship

Be it films or real life, the relationship between Bhabhi and Devar has been portrayed very beautifully, in which sometimes we get to see the love of brother and sister, and sometimes of mother and son. There is another relationship between Bhabhi and Devar, which is called friendship. This relationship full of arguments is very strong in real life.

But what if this relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law turns sour? Sometimes it happens that due to some reason at home or outside, there is a rift in their relationship and communication becomes less like before. In such a situation, if you want to fix the relationship by extending a hand of friendship to your brother-in-law again, then definitely follow these tips given by us.

Talk about childhood

When you and your brother-in-law are sitting together and you don’t know what to do, how to start the conversation, then ask your brother-in-law about your husband and his/her childhood and if he/she tells you, then show interest in what he/she says, show excitement in between and ask questions. This will make your brother-in-law feel good and he/she will show interest in talking.

do not hold back

do not hold back

Many people may face problems while living in the same house and you have come from another house, so you may face many problems. If you sometimes interrupt your brother-in-law at home, he/she may feel bad. So do not interrupt your brother-in-law in front of everyone, if you have something on your mind then talk about it to your husband.

Share things

Share things

If you are upset about something or are angry at something your brother-in-law said, do not express it directly on him/her. This may make him/her feel even worse and he/she may stop talking to you completely.

Therefore, whatever the matter is, either share it with your husband or sit down and explain it to your brother-in-law lovingly, but do not shout at him/her in front of everyone. The same thing applies to your relationship with your sister-in-law as well.

Don’t fight with your husband

Don't fight with your husband

If you get angry at your husband in front of everyone, then your brother-in-law may feel bad because the relationship between siblings is very strong and full of emotions. In such a situation, if you fight with your husband, then your sister-in-law and brother-in-law will also feel hurt. Therefore, try to talk to your husband in the room and not in front of everyone.

keep ego away

keep ego away

When someone lives in the same house, it is common to have arguments, but relationships are not ended for this. So even if there has been an argument between you and your brother-in-law, definitely try to talk to him/her once and fix the bonding. Do not let the relationship get spoiled due to ego.

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