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Do you also get vomiting while traveling?… Know why this happens to you

Vomiting: Many people have the problem of nausea and vomiting during the journey. This causes inconvenience to the other passengers along with the person who is vomiting. Many times, not only during the journey, but there is a problem like dizziness, nervousness, nausea or vomiting for three to four days. You might have also seen many people struggling with this problem while traveling, but have you ever thought why this happens? Why do people vomit while traveling? Is it some kind of disease or is it common? Let’s know why this happens…

travel Why do I vomit?
If you also vomit while driving in a car, don’t panic! It is not any kind of disease. Vomiting while traveling is called Motion Sickness Symptoms. Motion means movement and sickness means disease, which is a problem caused by movement. It is not a disease but it is a condition in which the brain receives different signals from our eyes, ears and skin. Due to which our central nervous system gets confused.

eye-ear coordination is the reason for vomiting
In bringing vomiting, not our stomach, but the eyes and brain have an important role. To our eyes, the seat inside the car, the passengers around all seem stable at their place. It means to say that if you do not look outside, you can see that nothing is moving. On the other hand, the ear senses this movement. The fluid present in the ear plays a big role in maintaining physical balance. As soon as the body comes into motion, this fluid continuously gives signals to the brain. On the other hand, the eyes Different signals are being sent to the brain.

The mind gets confused by all these signals. In this situation, the brain considers it as a message of disturbance or a side effect of any poison and orders the Vomiting Center present in the body to vomit. In this way, when the coordination is not right, people get vomiting.

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This method can help not to vomit
If you have the problem of motion sickness, then do not sit leaning back. You sit in front and don’t sit with your eyes on mobile-book etc. Keep an eye out of the window and it would be better if you look at the horizon where the sky and the earth seem to meet. By doing this your eyes will see the movement clearly and it is possible that there will be coordination between the ears and the eyes.

urgent matter!
Many people vomit even if they sit with their heads out of the window. In such a situation, the question arises that their eyes, nose and ears are all sending the same signal, then why this conflicting signal theory does not work there?… Actually, it cannot be said with complete claim that Motion sickness is the only reason for vomiting while traveling. This is just a theory which is most popular for this subject, but it cannot be considered as the ultimate truth. If you also have vomiting while traveling, then you can follow the methods mentioned above. Can try. You might feel relieved.

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