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Do not wear warm clothes in the bitter cold, you will become a victim of these 4 diseases, do not make these mistakes even by mistake


Keeping feet wet in winter can cause trench foot problems.
Extreme cold can cause a lot of injury to your body.

Cold Wave Prevention Tips: In the winter season, most of the people dream of going to the mountains and enjoy the snowfall fiercely. A large number of people visit hill stations in this season and enjoy the weather. Some people are unable to pay attention to their health due to enjoyment and get into big trouble. Experts always say that if you step out of the house in low temperature, then you should take full care of your safety. Especially while going to the mountains, carelessness should not be taken at all.

If you do not wear the right amount of warm clothes in the maximum temperature, then your body temperature can decrease rapidly and you can become a victim of many serious conditions including hypothermia, frostbite. These are all emergency medical conditions, in which a person can die in a few minutes if he does not get treatment at the right time. Today we will tell you what problems you can face if you stay in extreme cold. Also, how can these problems be avoided.

These 4 problems can be caused by extreme cold

Hypothermia- Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Report Hypothermia is a condition in which the body temperature drops rapidly when exposed to extreme cold. The stored energy of the body also gets exhausted and the body becomes cold and blue. In this condition the person starts trembling and the ability to think and understand is lost. If treatment is not received at the right time, hypothermia can lead to death within a few hours. This problem occurs due to not wearing warm clothes properly.

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Frostbite Due to extreme cold some parts of the body get injured and those parts become numb. Their color also changes. This condition is called frostbite. Due to this, the tissues of the body can be permanently damaged. Usually this problem affects the nose, ear, fingers, thumb and cheeks. The problem of frostbite also occurs due to not wearing properly warm clothes in extreme cold.

Trench Foot When your feet remain wet in winter, it causes an injury to the feet, which is called trench foot. In this condition, there is no proper supply of blood to the feet and due to lack of oxygen, the tissues of the skin start dying. In such a situation, everyone should remember not to keep feet wet in winter. Keeping feet wet in any season can cause problems.

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Chilblains After staying in very low temperature for a long time, if you immediately reach a very hot place, it will damage the blood vessels of your skin. This condition is called Chilblains. Due to this redness comes on the skin and itching also starts. Usually this problem occurs on the ears, fingers, thumb and cheeks.

How to avoid these problems?

While going out of the house in winter, make several layers of warm clothes and wear them. Do not go to very cold places and keep consuming hot things.
If you are on the mountains, then take warm clothes with you there and be cautious about your health.
Wet your hands and feet at least in the winter season and take all precautions.
Don’t suddenly go from a cold environment to a very hot place, otherwise you may have a problem.

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