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Do not take these 4 things after eating guava, your body will become home of diseases

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Foods to be avoided after eating guava

Disadvantages of eating guava: There are not only benefits of eating guava, but there are also many types of Guava Side Effects of eating it. Yes, even if you think that how a healthy fruit can be harmful for you, then you need to know about some wrong food combinations. Yes, as guava contains vitamin C and if you eat it with any milk product, it can be harmful for your body in many ways. How do you know? So, let us know what should not be eaten after eating guava.

What not to eat after guava

1. Do not drink water after eating guava

Drinking water after eating guava can unbalance your Vata-Pitta and Kapha, which can lead to cold and flu. Also it can damage your digestive enzymes.

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2. Keep distance from milk after eating guava

Drinking milk after eating guava can work to increase many problems in your body. It first reacts with Vitamin C and then slows down your digestion process. Because of this, you may have pain in your stomach and the problem of constipation can also bother you.


Image Source : FREEPIK


3. Eating banana after eating guava

Eating banana after eating guava can cause many stomach problems. Guava is a fruit with acidic pH and banana is sweet. In such a situation, when you eat these two together, it can cause gas, headache and many diseases related to the stomach.

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4. Consuming buttermilk after eating guava

Consuming buttermilk after eating guava can cause long-lasting acidity. It can upset your stomach and cause acidity and stomach pain. Also, due to this, stomach infection can occur and the problem of nausea and vomiting can be troubling.

(This article is for general information, before adopting any remedy must consult a doctor)

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