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Do not keep money in your pocket… Payment is also done through Cryptocurrency to visit these places abroad

Ever since the era of digital payments has come, believe me people have stopped carrying cash in their pockets. Go to the vegetable seller or in a restaurant, digital payment has taken over everywhere. And now some countries have also joined it, which also accept cryptocurrency payments. Yes, there are many foreign places where one can opt for crypto currency to pay for anything. If you are going to the countries mentioned in this article and invest in crypto currency, then probably you will not have any problem in payment, because you will get all kinds of options here.

San Francisco – San Francisco

This destination is quite famous for its food and nightlife, people go here to roam the most to make the vacation wonderful. San Francisco is not only famous for its special places, but the payment option here is also very popular. You can also pay in cryptocurrencies in the restaurants here. Not only this, digital currencies are also used in many places including hotels, many shopping centers, nightclubs and cafes. Overall, this place is one of the most crypto-friendly destinations in the world.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires comes out on top in the crypto city, where there are over 130 organizations that accept cryptocurrency payments. Meaning you can use cryptocurrency for things like restaurants, cabs, food and drinks here. Reportedly, bitcoin ATMs have also been introduced in the city last year, out of which you can use 11 comfortably.

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This destination has also established itself as the most crypto-friendly place in the world. Not only this, there is also a law to do crypto business here. This means, if you are visiting Malta, you can eat and drink at one of its many restaurants, pay for cabs with crypto, even book tennis classes using the digital currency.

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​Madrid, Spain​

madrid spain

Getting around Madrid can be a bit pricey, but if you plan your trip properly, you can save money without any hassle. The city has more than 19 attractions, more than a dozen cafes and restaurants, as well as clubs for the best nightlife, where digital currency is accepted.

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​Prague, Czech Republic – Prague, Czech Republic​


Surrounded by baroque style buildings, Prague exudes an old world charm that you absolutely cannot miss. A visit to this place will surely make you feel like being in heaven. By the way, it is a dream of many people to visit Prague, the good thing is that you can easily make crypto currency payments in more than 30 restaurants and 5 nightclubs here.

​Rome, Italy


Rome remains a favorite destination for many, its rich culture, history and beautiful scenery leave people mesmerized. The Italian capital now has a total of 20 crypto-friendly hotels that accept cryptocurrency payments, as well as five restaurants that accept the digital currency, according to reports.

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