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Do not eat apple or orange in winter, eat this delicious fruit, immunity will increase, you will get rid of cold and cough


Mosambi contains a lot of fiber, due to which our gut health is better.
Potassium is found in sweet lime, which can control blood pressure in winter.

Mosambi In Winter: Mosambi is a sour sweet fruit which is also known as sweet lime. You can consume it not only in summer but also in winter to keep yourself healthy. It has often been found that people consume sev or orange to meet the deficiency of vitamin C in winter, but let us tell you that abundant amount of vitamin C is found in sweet lime which helps to boost immunity and cure cough and cold. Helps protect us. Not only this, Mosambi also contains nutrients like iron, fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium in abundance, which benefit our body in every way. This is the reason that to keep cold, cough or other problems away in winter, sweet lime must be consumed.

Increase immunity- only my health According to, Vitamin C present in sweet lime is considered very beneficial for boosting immunity. If you fall ill again and again or you have been troubled by cough and cold, then you should consume sweet lime. You can also drink a glass of its juice daily.

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Improve digestive system Actually, there is a lot of fiber in sweet lime which helps a lot in keeping our gut healthy. Digestive problems are easily overcome by its use. It easily cures the problems of gas, indigestion, constipation etc.

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Good for Heart- Potassium is found in sweet lime which helps in controlling blood pressure. It also keeps cholesterol level low. With its regular intake, you can avoid heart diseases like heart attack, stroke etc.

Lose weight Mosambi is low in calories and it helps in detoxing the body. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, then consume sweet lime regularly.

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