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Do not do these 6 things with your wife after reaching Maldives, otherwise the people there will spoil your life

Maldives has become a dream destination for many people. People from all over the world come here for their honeymoon, beach holiday or just to relax. There is a huge crowd of people in this country throughout the year. The best time to visit Maldives is considered to be from July to August. The luxurious and beautiful villas, beaches, tall trees built on the seashore make this place even more special. This sight draws people to Maldives every year.
But have you ever thought, there may be some rules regarding the movement of people in such a wonderful place. Yes and if you don’t follow them, then the law will come in your grip later, first the local people will stop you or teach you manners. If you are going to Maldives, then first know which things you absolutely must not do while roaming here.

Avoid embarrassing things on the road

As beautiful as Maldives is, this place is very strict about its many things. Such things cannot be done on the streets here, which will embarrass people. Even a kiss on the cheek while walking down the street is considered odd here. And even if you are caught doing so, legal action can be taken against you. If couples are going here, then the place by the sea is the best for them.

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It is forbidden to drink alcohol –

Being a Muslim country, consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Maldives. Pig meat is also not so easily available here. It would be better if you avoid both these things while roaming here, perhaps by doing this the local people can irritate you. So instead of getting entangled in any such thing while going abroad, it is better to walk away from them. But yes, if you have booked a hotel or resort on an island then these rules do not apply there.

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Bikini is limited only to resorts

As we mentioned, being a Muslim country, women are advised to avoid wearing bikinis or such clothes in public. By doing this, the social customs of the country are hurt and their culture is insulted. If you can’t follow their customs, you can go somewhere that doesn’t follow these rules, like the island resorts of the Maldives. No such rules apply in these places.

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Do not wear shoes on the beach –

If you are in a dilemma about what to do and what not to do while visiting Maldives, then it would be better to ask the local people before doing anything. With this, you will not get into any trouble and you will also get to know about the culture of a country. For example, some of the sandy beaches here are pristine and so beautiful, it’s a good idea to take off your shoes and enjoy the place barefoot.

Do not litter the sea side

Marine life and vegetation are an important part of the ecosystem, the more you take care of them, the more beauty they will gift you. But ever since the problem of global warming has increased, since then the balance of the marine world has also deteriorated. Not only Maldives, if you are going to visit any country, then do not pollute the sea space there at all. Always throw garbage in dustbin and avoid throwing plastic bags in water.

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