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Distance Education: Distance Education has changed the way of study, know its advantages and disadvantages


  • Distance education is changing the way of reading
  • Students can study according to their own
  • Learn about its advantages and disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Distance Learning: One such concept of the education system that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years is distance education. Due to this arrangement, the population of the country who is unable to attend campus-based or full-time courses. He has fulfilled his aspirations of being educated. But like any other education programme, distance education has many advantages as well as drawbacks. Here we are going to tell you about the same advantages and disadvantages, after which you can decide whether this is the right program for you or not.

Advantages of distance education-
Easy and convenient practice
In distance education, students can complete their desired course from any place through computer and internet. A major part of those enrolling for distance education is from the salaried population. Under this education system, such students get time to study comfortably without compromising on their job or business. Apart from this, study materials are also available online.

won’t go anywhere
As we know, distance education is online based, allowing students to study and complete assignments from the comfort of their homes. Most of the institutes that offer distance education programs provide lectures and tutorials to their students through study material or online video conferencing. This arrangement allows students to learn their curriculum from the comfort of their living room sofa, bedroom or garden, directly from the classroom.
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economical way
Distance learning generally costs less than other education programs. Distance education allows the student to complete the course of his choice from his home. This eliminates all the expenses that are incurred in any campus based programs, whether related to transportation or accommodation or food. This is the reason why distance education is a financially economical option for both students and parents. Apart from the convenience of taking courses from home, distance education can be the right choice for students to save more on their studies.

convenient education
Distance education, apart from saving time and money, also provides a conducive environment for students who feel hesitant to sit back in class and study. Even though there is no learning age, for job seekers, going back to class can be quite intimidating. A disciplined and self-motivated student can learn at his own pace with the help of distance education program. Online education combines the use of tutorials, e-learning materials and video conference class sessions to impart knowledge to the students. Thereby giving learners a choice of new ways to understand the curriculum in greater detail.

Disadvantages of distance education
lack of social interaction
Learning in an institution gives students an opportunity to meet and interact with different types of people on a personal level. Distance education limits the students to online based classes and learning material only. However, students can interact through chat rooms, discussion boards, email and/or video conferencing software. But this experience cannot be compared with going to the institute and studying.
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fear of distraction
Distance education may not be a good option for students who keep on postponing things or who are unable to set deadlines for themselves. Distance education being online based cannot compel any student to be active. As a result, there is little or no face-to-face interaction with the instructor and other students. This makes it difficult for the students enrolled in the online program to keep track of their course work and assignments and at times some students miss out on completing the course degree on time.

lack of understanding of technology
Distance education, being a technology-based education program, is limited to only those who have a good understanding of technology. Enrolling in a distance education program requires the student to invest in a wide variety of equipment, including a computer, a webcam, and a high-speed Internet connection. This over-reliance on technology is a major drawback of distance education. Due to any software or hardware failure, studies get interrupted. Due to which it becomes a challenge for the students to complete the course on time.

Lack of confidence in online degrees
Several other challenges like lack of proper assessment in distance education make the credibility of the degree questionable. On one hand, while the number of online programs is increasing, on the other hand the number of scammers is also increasing. Which makes it possible that the credibility of distance education degrees among many people is questionable.

Despite all the shortcomings, distance education can be a great option for working students. However, before enrolling, do a thorough research regarding the college.


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