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Did you not do these 6 things while visiting Singapore, be careful, passport will be seized and jailed

The country of Singapore is one such dream destination, where the whole world has indulged in the glitz and thrill. As you all know, everyone has a desire to travel abroad once and now people have started including Singapore in that list. The scintillating nightlife and the splendid shopping stores give this place a distinct character. This place is also very famous for its tasty chocolates. But there are some things, which make this place completely different from other countries, yes we are talking about some such things which you do not have to do at all while staying here. Let’s know about them.

Do not chew chewing gum –

You must also be thinking that what could be the problem by eating a chewing gum. Let me tell you, this is one of those things in Singapore, the use of which has been banned here. The stains and marks of chewing gum on roads, footpaths and public places were very difficult to remove, due to which they were not sold even in shops here.

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Food and drink in public trains

Food and drink in public trains

Trains in Singapore come with the most advanced and well maintained systems. By the way, half of its credit goes to the people here, who take care of the cleanliness of the train and other things. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) management has banned all passengers from carrying eatables inside the station premises, including the waiting area. If any person hides food items inside the bag, then you can also be fined.

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Do not litter –

Do not litter -

It is very important to note that littering is a big crime in places like Singapore and a separate law has also been made for it. If any person is caught doing something like this, then he will be punished or may even be employed for cleaning. According to us, this rule should also come in our country, people should be fined for spreading filth! Why right?

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Don’t forget to flush in the toilet –

Don't forget to flush in the toilet -

These are common etiquettes which should be followed not only in one’s own country but also in other countries. In this, you probably should not even need to say, always flush after using the toilet. And if you get caught not doing so in Singapore, you could be fined. In fact, there are posters like flushing in the public toilets here.

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Smoke only in certain places –

Smoke only in certain places -

We all know how harmful smoking is to health, many countries do not take smoking seriously in public places, but Singapore definitely thinks about it. You cannot smoke here in schools, malls and food courts, although in some places you can smoke, but not everywhere. Even if found doing this, you can be fined up to 1000 thousand dollars.

Do not stand on the right side of the escalator –

Do not stand on the right side of the escalator -

Singapore’s train lines are very busy, especially during peak times, so passengers are advised to stand on the left side of the escalator to avoid movement of people passing on the right. If you’re carrying a lot of things like backpacks and luggage in a crowded place, you might be better off taking the elevator.

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