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Did US-China relations turn sour after the spy balloon was shot down?

Joe Biden on Chinese Spy Balloon: After the spy balloon was shot down, discussions are still going on about the relationship between America and China. The US Air Force shot down the Chinese balloon with a missile after the order of President Biden. China had also warned after the balloon was shot down. Meanwhile, speculations were being made that after this incident the tension between America and China would increase. US President Joe Biden has now himself given an answer regarding the relationship with China.

A Chinese spy balloon was seen over the US nuclear site. China called it a civil balloon, while the US said it was being used to gather intelligence.

America-China relations deteriorated due to the balloon incident?

President Joe Biden has made it clear that the US-China relationship is not going to weaken due to the shooting down of the Chinese balloon. Biden, who has tried to bring more stability in relations with China, said he was not surprised by the balloon incident. Biden told reporters, “Once it came into the US from Canada, I told the Department of Defense I wanted to shoot it down as soon as possible”.

What did Joe Biden say?

President Biden further said, “The question of balloons and the attempt to spy on America is something that is expected from China.” It’s not a question of trusting China, it’s a question of deciding where we can work together and where we have opposition.” The US is investigating the wreckage of the balloon.

Balloon wreckage investigation

A US fighter plane shot down the balloon in the Atlantic off the East Coast on Saturday (February 4) and the Navy and Coast Guard are currently collecting the wreckage for intelligence analysis. The White House said that valuable intelligence information is being taken from the device. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said US personnel had recovered some remains from the surface of the sea. There is currently no intention of sending the debris back to China.

How big was the spy balloon?

General Glenn VanHerk, head of the US Northern Command, told reporters that a Navy ship was in the process of mapping the debris field.
They said the balloon was up to 200 feet (60 meters) tall and carried a payload weighing several thousand pounds, roughly the size of a regional jet aircraft.

China gave clarification

China said that the balloon was being used for weather observation. It had no military purpose, but Washington exaggerated the matter by calling it a spy balloon. China’s Defense Ministry had also said that America has seriously violated international rules. China will resolutely defend its legitimate rights and interests.

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