Monday, February 6th, 2023

Diabetes and sex: Know what the effect is and what are the remedies

Diabetics have to face health problems, apart from this, there are also many sex problems in diabetics. Their sex life is also not untouched by the effects of diabetes, diabetic patients become less interested in sex. Not only this, their enjoyment of sex life also ends. Diabetes has different negative effects on both women and men. Let’s know about the effect of diabetes on sex life. Diabetes patients have more sex problems than in ordinary people. Men and women have different sex problems in diabetics. 

> Due to diabetes in men, there is not enough stress in their penis. 

> Diabetics often suffer from high blood pressure. 

>, due to diabetes in women, they may complain of pain during sex or they are not completely satisfied during sex. 

>, men start having testosterone deficiency, which is a sexual disorder. , Apart from sex-related problems, lack of interest in sex is a major problem in diabetics. During

> sex, the diabetic patient can suddenly get into depression and start feeling tired quickly. 

> Diabetic patient lacks energy, he experiences more lethargy, and his sex power also starts to be affected. 

>, due to high irritability, there is a decrease in excitement, which makes it difficult to enjoy sex. Because of this, diabetic patients are not able to enjoy sex life. Diabetics can take some measures to avoid sex problems… be mentally prepared before having a physical relationship. 

> Support your partner during sex and also give your encouragement. 

> High blood pressure can hinder the sex process so keep blood pressure under control. 

> Diabetic patient is having a problem of dryness in the vagina during sex, then a cream etc. can be used or a doctor can be consulted. 

> do not take any medicine without the advice of a doctor that helps in increasing arousal. 

> Control your diet to control diabetes and get better treatment for diabetes. By adopting these tips, you can not only enjoy your sex life but will also help you in reducing diabetes.

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