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Dhaulidar Brahmins will be able to sell donated land – Presswire18

Chandigarh, 28 November (True)

Haryana government is now in full election mood. Election decisions are being taken every day. After announcing pension for cancer patients on the lines of elderly people, the government has now tried to woo the Brahmins. The oldest demand of Brahmins has been fulfilled. The ownership and right to sell the Dhauli land donated years ago has been given to the Brahmin community.

TVSN Prasad, Additional Chief Secretary of FCR and Revenue and Disaster Management Department, has written a letter to all the District Deputy Commissioners in this regard. In the Parshuram Mahakumbh held in Karnal on December 11, 2022, Chief Minister Manohar Lal had announced to give ownership rights of about 1700 acres of Dhauli land on the demand of Brahmin community. Adding to the CM’s announcement, the Revenue Department has now informed the District Deputy Commissioners that the government has amended the Haryana Dhaulidar, Bootimar, Bhonedar and Mukaridar (Vesting of Ownership Rights) Act. Under this, the land of a private person/institution has been vested in Dhaulidars etc. There will be no restriction on selling donated land. Sunil Sharma Dudiwala, patron of Lord Parshuram Mahakumbh Organizing Committee, Senior Deputy Advocate General Rahul Mohan and organizing committee member Sheeshpal Rana have expressed gratitude to the CM on completion of the announcement.

Sunil Sharma says that most of the announcements made in Mahakumbh have been completed. These include gazetted holiday on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, naming of medical college in Kaithal after Lord Shri Parshuram, giving of Paharawar land to Gaur Brahmin College, issuing postal stamp in the name of Lord Parashuram, naming of fountain chowk in Karnal after Bhai Mati Das. -Sati Das Chhibber, beautification of old Parshuram Chowk, naming the road from Parshuram Chowk to Gandhi Chowk as Lord Parshuram Marg, giving a total of Rs 31 lakh for the Brahmin Dharamshalas of Karnal, etc.

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