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‘Desi Girl’ had given her heart to Nick, 10 years younger than herself, know her journey from love to marriage

It is said that it is easy to fall in love but it is very difficult to stay in it for a long time. But what is that love which is easily found. Love is a feeling that can happen anytime, anywhere and at any age. The lines of this song from the Hindi film ‘Neither age limit, nor birth should be bound, when you love someone, see only the mind’ seem true even today. There are many loving couples around the world who have a lot of age difference. There are many such couples in our country itself. The names of big personalities are also included in this. ‘Desi Girl’ Priyanka Chopra is also among these people, who did not let age come in between in their love. She surprised everyone by marrying Nick Jonas who was 10 years younger than her. After which it became a matter of discussion that how did both of them become a pair even after such a gap in age. Everyone started wanting to know about their love story. Today we are going to talk about the love story of Priyanka and Nick Jonas through this article. Will know how the two got acquainted, where they met for the first time and how their love story progressed. So let’s start…

This is how things started

Nick Jonas is an American singer, writer and actor. Nick has a band called The Jonas Brothers. There is a lot of crowd in his/her shows. Nick has been performing with his/her brother. The conversation between Priyanka Chopra and Nick started through social media. Nick had started the conversation but he/she did not directly start talking to Priyanka. Nick first sent a message to Priyanka’s co-star Graham in the film ‘Quantico’, in which he/she praised Priyanka. After this, Nick had sent a message to Priyanka Chopra on Twitter for the first time, in which Nick wrote, ‘Some of our common friends are saying that we should meet. Priyanka Chopra answered this question of Nick. he/she had said that his/her team can read these messages. In such a situation, he/she can message on his/her phone.

When Priyanka invited Nick for dinner

When the conversation started between the two, the time also came to meet. Nick and Priyanka met during a drinks party. After which Priyanka also invited Nick to her house for dinner. Slowly the love story of both started moving forward. Priyanka had told that when Nick Jonas came home, her mother Madhu Chopra was watching the TV serial Law and Order. During this, there were talks between the two for some time. This is how the closeness between the two increased. In the year 2017, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas surprised everyone by entering the Met Gala together. Even such news started coming about Priyanka and Nick that their relationship has gone beyond friendship.

Nick spoke his/her heart to Priyanka on his/her knees

Priyanka and Nick started loving each other very much. Both did not let their age come in between. regardless of what people would say. The story of their love started moving forward. They spent hours talking among themselves. When the train of their love came on track, one evening Nick told Priyanka about his/her heart. Like the cute love story of both, Nick had proposed his/her ladylove Priyanka in a very romantic way. Nick went down on one knee and asked his/her lady love for marriage. Then he/she told the actress that by marrying you can I become the luckiest person in the world? This answer was given by Priyanka Chopra in ‘yes’, only after which both of them decided to get married.

Marriage was done by two customs

There was a lot of love between Priyanka and Nick, but both avoided talking about it. On 22 June 2018, Priyanka and Nick were seen wearing the same engagement ring and speculations were rife that the two had got engaged and finally on 19 July 2018, breaking the silence, Nick and Priyanka made their relationship public. After which both were tied in marriage. They were married with two customs. The two tied the knot according to Hindu and Christian rituals at Umaid Bhawan in Udaipur. Apart from the family, some close people were involved on this special day of both. About four years after their marriage, daughter Malti Mary came into their lives. Priyanka and Nick welcomed the daughter into this world in January 2022.

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