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Delhi Water Supply: Ammonia and algae increase in Yamuna river, water will not come in these areas including Civil Lines, Shakti Nagar

New Delhi
The people of the capital Delhi may have to face the problem of water on Sunday. It has been told by the Delhi Jal Board that water supply will be affected in many areas in the morning and evening on June 20 due to ammonia pollution and algae growth in the Yamuna river.

The Delhi Jal Board said that due to the increase in ammonia and algae in the Yamuna river, water supply will be affected in many areas in the morning and evening on June 20. Water production at Wazirabad, Chandrawal and Okhla plants has been affected due to increased ammonia and algae.

According to Delhi Jal Board, Civil Lines, Hindu Rao Hospital, Kamla Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Karol Bagh, Paharganj, NDMC Area, Old and New Rajendra Nagar, Patel Nagar (East-West), Baljit Nagar, Prem Nagar, Inderpuri, Kalkaji, Supply will be disrupted in other areas including Govindpuri, Tughlakabad.

Earlier in January also, the amount of ammonia in Yamuna river had increased seven times more. Then an official of the Delhi Jal Board had told that when the ammonia level in the Yamuna rises, sometimes the water supply is affected even in those areas which do not come under the command area of ​​the affected treatment plant. This happens because the systems are interconnected.

The official said that when the ammonia level rises by one, we are forced to divert raw water from other sources to reduce the pollutant level. The maximum treatable limit of ammonia is 0.9 ppm, so raw water has to be added to reduce the pollutant. This helps in reducing the overall impact of the pollutant.


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