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Delhi has beautiful places starting with letter A, do not ignore them after knowing

People often plan short trips to celebrate holidays. If you too are planning to visit somewhere in February and want to make your trip memorable, then there are many places near Delhi whose name starts with the letter A. The special thing is that all these places are very good for photography. Let us tell you that the tourist places near Delhi are not only famous for their adventure but also for the spiritual vibes. So let us tell you today about the places to visit around Delhi starting with the letter A.

Agra – Agra

The closest city to Delhi starting with letter A is Agra. The total distance from Delhi to Agra is 233 km. Taj Mahal is a major tourist destination of Agra and one of the seven wonders of the world. Apart from this, there are many such tourist places, which tell the story of its heritage and culture. The city is known for its historical sites, architecture and the ambience of the Mughal era. (photo credit:

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Auli – Auli


Auli is a beautiful hill station located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state in India. You can plan short trips here. Wild flowers and beautiful trees of deodar and oak in the hill station make the tourists happy. The most famous among the tourists here is the ropeway. It is the longest and highest ropeway not only in India but also in the whole of Asia. The artificial lake here must be seen while visiting Auli. Please tell that this is the highest man-made lake in the world. (photo credit:

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Almora – Almora


Almora is 408 km away from Delhi. If you want some relaxation from your busy routine, then this beautiful state of Uttarakhand must be explored. Actually, Almora is a hill station, which is known for its natural beauty. There are many famous Hindu temples here, in which people have great faith in Nanda Devi. There are many hotels and resorts here, where you can take a day’s stay. (photo credit: wikimedia

Ajmer – Ajmer


Ajmer, 399 km from Delhi, is famous across the country for its majestic beauty. Pushkar is a place worth visiting in Ajmer. Tourists come here especially to enjoy the hills of Aravalli. Ajmer Sharif Dargah, the dargah of Moinuddin Chishmi is known for its customs and tradition. Even today, the customs are followed very strictly here. Just a day trip to this place will make your day. Please tell that Pushkar is only 15 km away from Ajmer. Apart from this, staying in Ajmer, you can do camel safari, trekking, camping and many adventure things. (photo credit: wikimedia

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Alwar – Alwar


Alwar is 155 km away from Delhi. Alwar is one of those places to spend a holiday, which is known for its composite culture and heritage. Here you can see Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar Museum, Bhangarh Fort. It is a good option to visit Alwar during winters. By visiting here you can enjoy boat ride in Silisedh Lake and jeep safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve. (photo credit: wikimedia

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Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary – Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary


Asola Bhatti Wild Sanctuary is a good place for a day trip near Delhi. People who like nature come here and feel the peace. If you want real fun of trekking with photography, then this century is a very good place. (photo credit:

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