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Deepika Singh’s family became poor in one stroke, friend pulled her out of the house at night, narrated the story of her own struggle

Mumbai. Poverty is the biggest curse of this world. People struggling with poverty and circumstances get entangled in this vortex in such a way that it becomes difficult to get out. But there are some rare and fighting people who bring golden times by changing all the circumstances. Such is the story of famous TV actress Deepika Singh. Deepika Singh has also faced shortage of money and humiliation in her childhood. Many times even the principal of the school insulted Deepika Singh because of money.

Even after this, Deepika never gave up and bypassing all the circumstances, has achieved a special identity. Deepika Singh recently shared stories of struggle from her childhood days in an interview given to Pinkvilla. Deepika Singh told that she has faced many things in her childhood due to lack of money.

Deepika Singh told that due to lack of money, she had to be humiliated many times in school. The principal of the school had even said that if you are not in control then why are you studying in the school. After this Deepika Singh got her name enrolled in a government school. Due to hard struggle and dedication, Deepika Singh has achieved special fame in her career.

Deepika Singh told the pain of childhood
Deepika Singh told in an interview to Pinkvilla that she used to live in a joint family as a child. His father’s financial condition was not good. Deepika told, ‘I remember once my school bus fees were not deposited. Due to this the principal sent me and my sister back home. Also, the principal insulted us many times by saying that if there is no bus then why do you come to school. Deepika told that after this we used to go straight to father’s factory. Used to come home by catching a bus from there. Deepika Singh, who became emotional remembering her childhood days, says that even in those days, I used to feel that I will do something big one day and all these people who are behaving badly with me will surely repent.

the family was poor
Deepika Singh told that her father does business in Delhi. During that time, when Deepika was studying in class 8, there was a big setback in her father’s business. Actually, as soon as the ship of garments reached America, the plague spread there. Deepika’s father’s belongings were burnt in America to deal with the plague. He got a big shock in this. After this, father’s accident also happened. From here the financial condition of his family deteriorated.

Life has changed since 2014
Deepika Singh has struggled hard to make her mark in Bollywood. After struggling, Deepika Singh was given the famous TV show in the year 2014 and was selected in the lead role for Baati Hum. Deepika got a chance in this serial and she hit a four.

Made a household name with his strong performance. This show was also a big hit. After this Deepika’s acting car started moving. After this show, Deepika did many TV shows. Also fell in love with the director of Diya Aur Baati Hum serial Rohit Raj Goyal. After this both of them got married. Now Deepika and Rohit also have a daughter.

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