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Debt-ridden Pakistan’s back is broken, inflation in Jinnah’s country at the highest level of 46 percent

Image Source: PTI
Debt-ridden Pakistan’s back is broken, inflation in Jinnah’s country at the highest level of 46 percent

Islamabad: Inflation has reached the highest level in Pakistan. Short-term inflation as measured by the Sensitive Price Index ‘SPI’ rose to a year-on-year high of 46.65 per cent in the week ended March 22 as compared to the previous week.

Media reports say it is 45.64 per cent annually, according to data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. According to media reports, short-term inflation rose by 1.80 per cent on a week-on-week basis as tomato, potato and wheat flour became costlier. For the current week ended March 22, the SPI registered an increase of 1.80 per cent.

According to media reports, a major increase in the prices of food items was observed. Tomato 71.77 percent, wheat flour 42.32 percent, potato 11.47 percent.

On the other hand chicken 8.14 percent, chili powder 2.31 percent, LPG 1.31 percent, mustard oil and garlic 1.19 percent.

Significantly, Imran Khan has presented a 10-point blueprint on Sunday to get the poor Pakistan out of the crisis. Imran Khan held a grand public meeting in Lahore on Sunday. During this, Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf Party ‘PTI’ presented a 10-point blueprint to rescue Pakistan facing economic crisis.

The PTI chief said, “I challenge that the present government does not have the capability or intention to ‘save the country’.” If the government told me that it has a plan to ‘bring the country out of crisis’, I would be on the edge of laughter. According to the news published in ‘The Dawn’ newspaper, 70-year-old Imran said, ‘I know what is the plan. They don’t have any plan.

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