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Dalljiet Kaur’s first India trip after marriage, took auto rickshaw ride, shared plans

Dalljiet Kaur India Trip: Actress Dalljiet Kaur is in a happy space. She is very happy after her marriage with Nikhil Patel. Recently she has come to India. This trip of his/her is very special. The actress told how long she is in India and what are her plans.

In an interview given to Times of India, Daljeet said, ‘I am enjoying a lot here. It’s been 4 months since my marriage. how the time flies. I am on a short trip in Mumbai. I have a lot of official work pending here. Some passports are work. My son Jaden also has a job. Some documents also have work. I am going to London on Friday. Yes but will return in October and spend some time here.

‘I miss India a lot. I missed a lot in the first month. But now I am well settled. Some have even become friends. Yes but I miss India. I came here and ate Panipuri.

Diljeet did auto rickshaw ride

After coming to Mumbai, Daljeet took an auto rickshaw ride. he/she has shared a video on social media. In this, she is seen sitting in the auto.

Please inform that Daljit married Nikhil Patel on March 18, 2023. After marriage, she shifted to Kenya with her husband. From there she keeps giving updates to the fans through social media. his/her videos and photos are liked a lot. This is Dalljiet’s second marriage with Nikhil. Earlier he/she was married to Shaleen Bhanot. he/she has a son from this marriage. However, his/her marriage with Shaleen did not last and they parted ways. Daljit had also made many serious allegations against Shaleen.

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