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Cyrus Sahukar bluntly on the antics of the youth, said – there are so many options, which are not working, they are lazy

Actor Cyrus Sahukar, who started his/her career with anchoring, has appeared in many films and web series. In the year 2021, Cyrus was seen in the web series ‘Potluck’. Recently season 2 of this series has been released. In this interview, Cyrus talked to ‘Navbharat Times’ on many topics including the series, generation gap, his/her desire.

Today many people talk about generation gap. What do you think are the reasons for the rift between the youth and the older generation? Are the youth not able to handle things?
No, I do not think that the youth is at fault in this. I think this is generation problem. The one who is 21 years old today and if you look at the life of the one who was 21 years old 15 years ago, they are completely different worlds. Today’s young generation will get confused because there are so many options and things. I don’t think youth has any problem in this. I had read somewhere that young people do not want to work, they are work thieves. While I think some percent people are lazy but some percent people work very hard. But in our country, people have a habit that for whom they work, they keep on working for the whole day. The system is very different and things are changing so fast that it is not so easy to adapt.

You shot the last season in the bio bubble system. But now things are changing after the pandemic. How do you feel about shooting without the bio bubble now?
During the shooting of season 2, I remembered those days when we used to shoot in bio bubble. Lived in one place. The talk of shooting in lockdown and bio bubble was something else. I think if I get a chance, I would like to work in the same system again. I will be more happy in that. Where someone tells me that you come and shoot for so many days. Because a lot of time is spent in traveling to and from the shooting location. I have liked staying at one place, sleeping, eating and getting up in the morning to shoot there. So even today if I get to shoot in bio bubble, I am ready to go.

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But knowing about bio bubble shooting, your wife can be very angry?
(Laughs) Oh no, she’s very happy with it too.

Will anything new happen in ‘Potluck Season 2’?
The first season features the Shastri family. As there are problems in a normal family, so are they. But the retired father gets a heart attack. Then potlucks are needed. You know the character in season 2. It is known about who the character is and what problems he/she has been facing. My character Vikrant was planning to buy a house when the first season was coming to an end. The rift with his/her father had also reduced a bit. Now in season 2 you will see that Vikrant’s wife goes to work, work is being done from home. If they have children, they also have to be looked after. But Vikrant does everything in a different way, which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t work. But he/she adopts his/her mysterious ways even during this time. he/she also learns a lot from his/her mistakes. Even his/her mother now wants to do something new which Shastri ji does not like, so there is a rift between them too. So many things will be seen in this season. Not only season 2 but with this the work on the third season has also started.

The rift we are talking about in the show also happens in real life. Has something like this happened in your personal life as well?
When two people come together for life, sometimes one wants to go right and the other left. One of them then also says that wherever you are going, let me also walk in that direction. I have a lot in the family. My family has been very supportive from a career point of view. I am very lucky that I did not have to do 10 fights. They supported me in what I wanted to do, and even where they didn’t support me, parents didn’t stop me. But the story of every family is the same. Every person wants to change others, but does not think of changing himself. The root of all the trouble starts from here.

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Do you have any wish that you feel I am yet to fulfill?
I have many wishes. I feel that if I make some short films in a small way, then I will enjoy a lot in that too. In which I do not want anything from anyone else nor do I need help or opinion. In which the whole point of view is mine and made in my way. I’ll have a lot of fun with that. But I feel that my wishes which have been fulfilled are also okay, and those which have not been fulfilled are also okay.

Your wife is from the designing sector and you are an actor. There is a big problem in our country that if husband and wife work, then how will the responsibilities of the house be handled. There are often quarrels regarding this. So how do you deal with it?
I handle most of the work at home by myself. I have a system. I have realized that even if someone wants to bring some change in that system, it is difficult for me because I have understood that system. This system is made of knowing yourself over a long period of time. I think this system is everyone’s own. It is not necessary that you feel comfortable in the way I am walking.

Last time I spoke to you, you said that most of your roles are influenced by Delhi. So does Vikrant also have a Delhi connection?
Yes, I told you that my characters are inspired from Delhi. This character is for those people, who were born in the 80-90s, and their family says ‘you will do this’, but they want to do something new. Parents say that you will do this study, but you see your career in a different way. So Vikrant is a character influenced by those people. Vikrant wants to live his/her life in his/her own way, which may be wrong for someone but it is right from Vikrant’s point of view. This is not a character inspired from Delhi.

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