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Cyber ​​Fraud: On clicking on the message will you romance me, one and a half lakh was lost, read the full story and stay alert

Cyber ​​Fraud: Awareness is being spread about cyber fraud, but still people are falling victim. The latest case is of Delhi. Here a 22-year-old youth was cheated by a girl in the name of romance. The young man has been hit by Rs 1.50 till now. When the blackmail continued, he/she took the help of the police.

What happened after the ‘yes’ and how

This is the story of Naved Khan, a resident of Laxmi Nagar. 22-year-old Naved told in his/her complaint that one day he/she received a message on WhatsApp. It was written in the message, I am Pooja from Agra. wanna romance me? Answer in Yes or No.

As soon as Naved wrote Yes, a video call came from there. In the video, the girl in front was taking off her clothes. he/she asked Naved to do the same.

According to Naved, I did not remove my entire clothes, but he/she started recording. I immediately switched off my mobile and also uninstalled WhatsApp. Got a call the next day and the person in front described himself as an officer of Delhi Cyber ​​Cell. Said that a complaint has been received against me.

he/she asked to turn on WhatsApp and make a video call. After that gave the number of some Monu Panchal and said that this man will help. When Monu was called, he/she asked for Rs 21,800 in lieu of deleting the video.

Naved transferred this amount thrice, as a total of three of his/her videos were to be deleted. A few days later, Monu got a call that he/she had written an email to the cyber cell and all the three videos would be deleted. he/she asked to speak to an officer.

When Naved called the officer, he/she asked for Rs 1.50. After crying and pleading, reduced some amount, but the demand for money from Naved continued. Distressed, he/she has now taken the help of the police.

The police have registered a case and investigation is on against the culprits.

Posted By: Arvind Dubey


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