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Covid vaccination reduces the risk of death among young Indians!

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New Delhi. Covid-19 vaccination does not increase the risk of sudden unexplained deaths among young adults in India, a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) concluded on Tuesday.

Research published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research has shown that lifestyle factors such as current smoking status, excessive drinking, drug/narcotic use etc. are associated with sudden unexplained deaths.

Compared to other things, the greater the frequency of alcohol consumption, the greater the likelihood of sudden, unexplained death.

The research body conducted a study looking at anecdotal reports of sudden unexplained deaths in apparently healthy young adults in India, linked to Covid-19 infection or vaccination.

Researchers analyzed factors associated with such deaths in individuals aged 18-45 years from 47 tertiary care hospitals across India.

At least 729 cases and 2,916 controls were included in the analysis.

“COVID-19 vaccination did not increase the risk of sudden unexplained deaths among young adults in India,” the researchers revealed.

Family history and certain lifestyle behaviors, rather than previous COVID-19 hospitalization, may increase the likelihood of sudden, unexplained deaths.

The study also showed that taking at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine reduces the chances of sudden unexplained death.

“Our findings did not indicate any evidence of an association of sudden unexplained death with COVID-19 vaccination,” the researchers said. “But the current study documents that COVID-19 vaccination actually reduces the risk of death in this age group.”


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