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Corona Third Wave in India: Expert said, the arrival of the third wave of Kovid in the country will depend on these four things

LIC’s Best Plans 2021

LIC’s Best Plans 2021

New Delhi. Corona patients are increasing once again in many countries. There are also people vulnerable to infection, who have taken one or both doses of the corona vaccine. Along with this, the biggest danger that is present at this time is the possibility of third wave. Health experts and the central government believe that the coming three months are very fragile according to this wave.

During this, many questions are also being raised whether the vaccine is not effective in protecting against Kovid infection? How will the increasing number of patients in foreign countries affect the country? Can’t this wave of corona be avoided? In such a situation, regarding various questions related to Kovid, Physician and Epidemiologist (Public Policy and Health System Specialist) Dr. Chandrakant Laharia is telling what are the four things that are important for the third wave of corona, which if taken care of, then this wave can be avoided. can be avoided.

Question. Is the third wave sure to come in India too?? What could be responsible for this wave?

answer. In this regard, we have to understand that as long as SARS CoVtu is around us and people get infected by it, then there will be a possibility of new waves coming. When the third wave will come and its intensity will depend mainly on four things.

. First, what percentage of our population has acquired natural antibodies after being infected with Kovid or what percentage of people have got the vaccine.

. Second, how seriously are people following COVID compliant behaviour?

. Third, what is the status of the new variants of the Kovid virus, are they more contagious and serious?

. Fourth, what percentage of the total population has been given the vaccine of Kovid.

Question. Can the third wave not be avoided? ?

answer. Leaving aside the other things mentioned above, it is in our hands to adopt the second fact. If we all follow the covid compliant behavior seriously then surely the third wave can be avoided. Along with this, even if the speed of vaccination is increased, we can still avoid the third wave. In the context of the virus, there are still some things about which we do not know much like which new variant of Kovid will attack now? Despite all this uncertainty, there is only one better way to fight the pandemic, and that is to regularly follow COVID-compliant behavior, until the COVID vaccine is given to more than half the world’s population. If we do this, then can we face many other waves of Kovid?

Question. The Government of India has changed the interval between two doses of the Kovid vaccine several times., Will this affect the Kovid vaccination campaign??

answer. We also have such evidence on the basis of which it can be said that even a single dose of Covishield helps in developing antibodies sufficiently against the infection. With the vaccine, we can reduce the death due to infection and the need for hospitalization of the patient. The protective shield prepared in the form of antibodies can last from three months to a year or more. So when in India the interval between two doses of Kovidshield is increased to 12 weeks, it simply means that by increasing the interval, more people can get the benefit of Kovid vaccination.

The purpose of increasing the interval between the two doses of the vaccine is to reduce the number of patients hospitalized by giving Kovid vaccine to more population in a short time and reduce the mortality rate due to infection. Then there is also the belief of people that the Kovid vaccine will not be more effective against the delta variant, although the estronica covid vaccine used in England or the UK (launched in India as covishield) has been shown to be the delta variant of covid. Per is also considered effective, according to the statistics of England, even a single dose of estrogenica was found to be 71 percent effective.

This proves that people who have received a single dose of Kovid’s Kovidshield vaccine will not be at serious risk of infection. Vaccination can reduce the death from infection and the need for hospitalization. A second dose of Covishield can be taken after the completion of 12 weeks. I believe that people do not need to worry about the interval of vaccine, they should immediately take the first dose of Kovid vaccine and also take the second dose when the time is over.

Question. What are the common post covid problems after covid infection? How can people get rid of this?

answer. Post-covid complications or post-covid complications in mild covid infection may appear after two weeks, while in severe covid infection, post covid complications appear after three weeks (depending on the symptoms on the first day of infection). This situation is called post covid. It has been observed that post-Covid problems are seen in a quarter of the Kovid infected patients even after four weeks of showing symptoms. One in ten Covid-infected patients who recovered without hospitalization showed post-Covid problems after 12 weeks. However, those who continue to have the problem of post Kovid even after 12 weeks, they can be named as Long Kovid.

What we need to see is that post covid black fungus or mucormycosis is seen in very few patients with covid, fungal infection originally seen in people whose sugar was uncontrolled or who were on steroid therapy for a long time . It can be said that all patients of Kovid are constantly prone to other types of infection.

Question. At a time when we are seeing new types of mutations in the virus, How important it becomes to follow covid compliant behavior?

answer. We have to keep in mind that the government is saying not to follow the covid compliant behavior only because or because if the covid compliant behavior is not followed then fine or fine will be imposed, rather we have to follow the covid compliant behavior. Because it is our shield to protect against Kovid infection, it is our weapon in fighting the epidemic. Virus attack with new mutations, old, covid compliant behavior protects against attack of any kind of mutation and infection. Along with covid compliant behavior, covid vaccination is a 100% safe way to prevent infection, at a time when there is a constant change in virus strain, the usefulness of covid compliant behavior increases more.

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