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Corona Infection: Can common cold and cold prevent corona virus infection? Know what experts say


  • If there is a common cold, then the attack of corona virus becomes neutral.
  • Prepares the immune system against the common cold virus corona
  • This has been confirmed in a new research, in which the role of interferon-catalysed genes is being told important.

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Research is being done continuously regarding the corona virus and the Kovid-19 epidemic caused by its infection and new facts are also coming out about them. There is a competition among scientists and experts in the medical field to make new claims on the basis of research reports. It is now being claimed that if you come in contact with the virus that causes the common cold, then it will protect you from the attack of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the Kovid-19 disease.

How rhinovirus protects

This research report is published this week in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. It states that the common virus of the respiratory system, ie rhinovirus, immediately starts the process of protection from other viruses. This work is done by Interferon-Stimulated Genes. Cells infected with rhinoviruses release a protein group called interferons in response. This protein group is named interferon because of its ability to interfere. This protein group provides protection to the infected cell from other viruses.

New study claims

Indeed, interferon-catalysed genes catalyze early response molecules in the immune system that inhibit the reproduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in cells affected by colds. After this security mechanism is created, even if the corona virus attacks, it proves to be ineffective. Assistant Professor Alan Foxman of Yale School of Medicine in America said that this trick can be adopted to prevent corona. He said that one way could be to treat the patient with interferon, which is also available in drug form. “But it all depends on the timing,” she says.

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The wonder of interferon-catalyzed genes

Earlier studies have shown that high amounts of interferon are found a few days after being infected with the Kovid-19 epidemic because by then the disease takes its dreadful form. The report says that the presence of high amounts of interferon causes a lot of fluctuations in the immune system. However, the latest study claims that genes catalyzed by interferons may also prove to be protective against COVID-19 infection.

research done like this

To confirm this, the researchers infected laboratory-produced human respiratory tract tissue with rhinovirus and found that the amount of virus in the tissue was doubling every six hours for the first three days. However, during this period the reproduction of the Kovid-19 virus in the tissue completely stopped. Professor Foxman said that this research will make it easier to explain why the rate of infection with other viruses like influenza is very low during the cold and cold season.



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