Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

Controversy started again on The Kashmir Files, what happened at IFFI that left actor Anupam Kher furious

Nadav Lapid is a name that has been in headlines for some time now. This person is the International Jury Head of IFFI 2022, who has given such a controversial statement on the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, due to which a complaint has now been filed against him..

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Trending News: Learn what causes most accidents while paragliding. FYI

Updated : 26 Dec 2022 08:00 PM (IST) Yesterday two people lost their lives in a single day while playing adventure sports paragliding. One accident happened in Manali and the other in Gujarat. Paragliding...

Trending News: Unfaithful wife: Relationship with the mason who was building the house, then killed the husband, then got the dead body dumped in the septic tank

A woman killed her husband for having an illegal relationship with a mason in Saraswati Kunj, Greater Noida West. Woman Neetu, along with mason Harpal and a labourer, carried out the crime and buried...

BJP leader raging on Gaurav Gogoi, mentioned the secret discussion between PM Modi and the Chairman

Image Source: PTI Heated debate between Amit Shah and Gaurav Gogoi New Delhi: The Lok Sabha is discussing the no-confidence motion against the government brought by the opposition in the Lok Sabha. On Tuesday,...