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Constipation problem can bother you more due to these 4 reasons

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Do you have frequent constipation problem? If your stomach is not clean in the morning, then one of the major reasons for this is bad bowel movement. Yes, due to poor bowel movement, your digestion speed slows down and then there is a problem in bowel movement. Apart from this, difficulty in passing stool for a long time can lead you towards piles and intestinal problems. In such a situation, it is important that you know about their reasons and try to avoid this problem.

The problem of constipation can bother you more due to these 4 reasons- leading causes of constipation

1. due to lack of water

Due to lack of water, you may have frequent constipation problems. Actually, due to dehydration, the stool becomes dry, which makes it difficult to pass the stool. Apart from this, one fact is that due to lack of water, the metabolic rate of the stomach deteriorates and bowel movement is also affected, which can lead to constipation.

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2. Lack of fiber

Due to lack of fiber, not only metabolism but also bowel movement slows down. Actually, fiber adds bulk to the stool and then speeds up the bowel movement and helps in reducing the problem of constipation. That’s why you should include more and more fruits and vegetables in your diet.


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3. Due to lack of physical activity

Due to lack of physical activity, your bowel movement is affected and then you have difficulty in bowel movement. Apart from this, your metabolic rate is also affected due to which the work of the intestines remains slow and the problem of constipation increases. In such a situation, try to do exercise daily.

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4. Because of eating too much oily spice

Consuming more oily spices can make this problem worse. In such a situation, you should try not to consume oily spices or eat them in small quantities. Because it slows down the functioning of the intestines and reduces the metabolic rate, which can cause constipation. So, avoid all these things so that you can avoid the problem of constipation.

(This article is for general information, before adopting any remedy must consult a doctor)

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