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Confirmed ticket will be available 10 minutes before the train starts! Know what is the current ticket booking facility of Railways

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You can easily book confirmed tickets.

Train Tickets with Current booking system: Getting a confirmed train ticket to go home during the festive season is like getting a big gift. It has become almost impossible to get a confirmed berth in the train during Diwali and Chhath festival. Due to huge crowd of passengers, waiting list starts months in advance. If you also want to go home on Diwali or Chhath, then there is good news. Now you can easily get confirmed train tickets.

Railways has started a new service for passengers. In this new facility of Railways, you can get a confirmed ticket till some time before the departure of the train. You can get your confirmed ticket up to 10 minutes before the train leaves the station.

This facility of railway is very useful

Let us tell you that Railways has started a new facility for passengers called Current Ticket Booking. With the help of this facility, you can get confirmed tickets some time before the departure of the train. Railways started this keeping this in mind so that all the seats of the train can be filled. No train should run empty.

The current ticket facility of Railways can be availed both online and offline. That means you can get confirmed ticket by booking current ticket in both online and offline mode. If you choose the offline process, you will have to go to the ticket counter and fill the reservation form.

You will get confirmed ticket without extra charge

Current Ticket System is very useful at many times. If you have to go somewhere in an emergency, you can get a confirmed ticket without paying extra charges. Let us tell you that in this facility you will get a confirmed ticket, it will depend on whether the seat in that train is vacant or not.

Let us tell you that the biggest advantage of the current ticket facility is that through it you can book tickets even after the reservation chart is prepared. Indian Railways has also provided current ticket counter at every station from where you can book your seat.

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