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Complimenting again and again is a sign of liking, 5 gestures show that the person in front is infatuated with you


In the first meeting, tying the bridge of your praise is also a gesture.
Expressing desire to know personal things is also a sign of liking.

Relationship: Many times you must have seen that some people want to know everything about the person in front in the very first meeting. Men want to know a lot about women in the first place and women also want to know a lot about men. Many times we ignore it but sometimes we are also surprised. Do you know in what situations this happens? This happens when someone falls for you at first sight. When you meet a woman for the first time, that woman examines you from your looks to the way you walk. Men do the same. There are some such gestures which tell that the person in front is completely infatuated with you. So let us tell you about some such gestures today.

-1. asking about personal life
When in the very first meeting someone starts asking about his/her own life, then it should be understood that he/she is infatuated with you. That’s why he wants to know in the very first meeting with you that you are not already in any relation.

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-2. try to touch
When a person starts liking you, he will try to touch you on some pretext or the other. This is a sign that the person in front has started liking you. If this is happening with you too, consider it as a sign of attraction.

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-3. Smile
When someone starts getting attracted towards you, a smile comes on his face as soon as he meets you. A strange glow appears on his face. If you are also seeing this, then it is a sign that the person in front has a crush on you.

-4. Praise
If someone starts tying the bridge of your praises in the first meeting. Sometimes praise your dress, sometimes your hair, then understand that that person is completely infatuated with you. Although it is a habit of a man to praise, but this praise given in the first meeting is a gesture.

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-5. focus on comfortability
When a man starts liking a woman in the first meeting, he takes care of her comfort. Like he repeatedly asks her are you alright? Are you feeling comfortable? Can he do anything for you? Words like this give you an indication that the person in front is completely hooked on you.

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