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CNG PNG Price Cut: CNG and PNG have become cheaper, after Mahanagar Gas, now this big company has reduced the price

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CNG PNG Price Cut: Inflation has brought relief news for the customers. The prices of CNG and PNG have come down. This reduction has been done by Adani Total Gas, the country’s leading private gas company. This Adani Group company has announced a price cut today.

how much did the prices drop

The price of CNG has been cut by Rs 4.70 per kg and that of PNG by Rs 3.20 per unit. The reduced prices have come into effect from August 17. Adani Total supplies gas to 19 areas of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat.

Mahanagar Gas had also reduced prices

Let us tell you that on August 16, Mahanagar Gas Limited, which supplies gas to Mumbai and surrounding areas, had cut gas prices. The company had announced a reduction in CNG by Rs 6 per kg while PNG by Rs 4 per unit in Mumbai. After this reduction, the price of CNG in Mumbai has come down to Rs 80 per kg. The new price of PNG gas supplied through pipeline to households has been increased to Rs 48.50 per unit.

Why are gas prices falling?

The prices of CNG and PNG have seen a huge jump since April this year. From IGL, which supplies gas in Delhi, to CNG prices across the country, the price of CNG had increased by 20 percent. Seeing the rising prices, the central government swung into action and has increased the supply of natural gas produced in the country to city gas operators to curb the cost of CNG and PNG. Earlier, limited quantities of domestically produced natural gas were supplied to city gas operators. Earlier the maximum amount of this gas was allocated for industrial works.

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