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Cleanliness of Chinese ‘Bat Woman’ on allegations of spreading corona, said – the world is throwing mud at innocent scientist


  • China’s bat woman refutes claims of corona being born in Wuhan lab
  • This woman scientist is accused of doing research on corona virus carelessly
  • Xi Gengli is considered a hero in China, played a big role in preventing corona infection

There is still a ruckus about the origin of the corona virus that has killed more than 38 lakh people worldwide. Many countries of the world including America are accepting the theory of corona virus leaking from Wuhan Lab in China, while Dragon has been rejecting these claims from the beginning. Now the famous scientist named China’s bat ‘Woman’ she gengli Has defended himself and his country over the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory of Corona Virus.

Corona accused of doing research carelessly
China’s top virologist Xi Gengli has said in a rare interview that speculations about his laboratory in Wuhan are baseless. But, China’s habitual secrecy has made it difficult to accept the claims of this lady scientist. Xi Gengli is the same scientist who was accused of recklessly researching the bat coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Many experts believe that due to their negligence, the corona virus spread all over the world.

Gengli is no less than a hero for China
At the same time, Xi Gengli is no less than a hero for the Chinese people and the government there. The people here still believe that due to these, their country was saved from the deadly effects of the corona virus. People also believe that this woman scientist is a victim of malicious conspiracy of western countries. America believes that the truth of this virus originated from China’s lab should be revealed to the whole world.

The world is throwing mud on innocent scientist
In this interview, Xi Gengli denied these allegations. She earlier said that she prefers not to speak directly to journalists citing the policies of her institute. Yet she could hardly contain her frustration. She said angrily that how can I present evidence for something where there is no evidence? I don’t know how the world has come down so low that it is constantly pouring dirt on an innocent scientist.

Still no evidence about lab leak theory
Scientists around the world still believe that they do not have any specific evidence about the lab leak theory of the corona virus. Most of these scientists believe that the lab leak theory was debunked without a thorough investigation. Therefore, even now this matter needs to be thoroughly investigated. Some scientists say Dr. Xi Gengli conducted risky experiments with bat coronaviruses in laboratories that were not safe enough.

Questions raised by the report of the US intelligence agency
Many scientists are supporting the US intelligence agency’s report, which said that many scientists from the Wuhan lab were found to be Kovid infected in October-November 2020. If these scientists were infected with Kovid in the beginning, then the place of origin of the virus can be traced. After the US report, China reacted strongly and rejected it.


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