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Clean the utensil stand in 2 easy ways, there will be no hassle, it will shine like new in minutes


Ammonia can be used to clean the utensil stand.
You can take the help of sand paper to clean the rust on the utensil stand.

Pot Stand Cleaning Tips: Utensil stands are used in most homes to keep utensils. Utensils are cleaned twice or thrice a day but the utensil stand is not cleaned for many months. Actually, most of the utensil stands are fixed in the wall, which is not so easy to remove and clean. In such a situation, dust and grease accumulate on the utensil stand.

No matter how clean the utensils kept in the utensil stand look, but if the utensil stand is dirty and greasy, its effect is also visible on the utensils. The dirt present on the stand sticks to the utensil as well, which is also not good for health. Also, dirty utensil stand does not look good, so today we are going to tell you, some easy ways to clean the utensil stand. By following them, you will be able to clean the utensil stand easily. Let us know some easy ways to clean the utensil stand.

How to clean grease and dust from utensil stand
You can use caustic soda or baking soda to clean the grease and dust from the utensil stand. For this, take two tablespoons of soda in a bowl and prepare a thick paste by mixing a little lemon juice in it. Now put this mixture on the stand and leave it for some time. Then clean the stand by rubbing it with a scrubber and then wash it with water. Your utensil stand will shine like new in minutes.

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How to clean rust from utensil stand
Due to the use of water from wet utensils on the utensil stand, sometimes rust also occurs on it, which is not easy to remove. To remove rust, heat two glasses of water in a vessel. After this, mix two tablespoons of ammonia powder in this water.

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When this mixture remains lukewarm, fill it in a spray bottle and spray it well on the utensil stand. Then leave this mixture on the stand for ten minutes, after that clean the rust by rubbing with the help of an old toothbrush or scrubber.

You can also use sand paper to remove the rust on the utensil stand. For this you vacate the stand. Then clean the stand by rubbing it thoroughly with sand paper. This will clean the rust on the utensil stand within minutes and the stand will look like new. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general beliefs. Presswire18 News does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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