Monday, January 30th, 2023

Church Lockdown Party: Stirring from UK to Vatican due to revelation of sex party in church, investigation against pastor begins

London: The revelation of a sex party in a church in Britain’s capital London has created a ruckus. After the disclosure of this incident, the Pope, the supreme religious leader of Christians, has come into action and the Vatican has started investigating the whole matter. Organized sex party A pastor Michael McCoy organized a sex party inside the abandoned church during the Corona lockdown. The Archbishop of Liverpool is leading the investigation against the accused priest. Pastor McCoy committed suicide in the year 2021.

According to reports, this information came to light when the Catholic Church started an investigation against the resignation of top official Robert Byrne. Robert was the former Bishop of Heckham and Newcastle. It is revealed that McCoy was to replace Robert as dean of the church. The accused, Pastor McCoy, is said to have allegedly arranged for a ‘sex’ party for devotees at his private residence in December 2020. No public gathering was allowed at that time.

Pastor organizes sex party inside church

Since the information became public, a large number of people have reportedly come forward to testify against McCoy. According to the Sunday Times report, after several complaints, it was revealed that the priest had organized a sex party in his house built inside the church. A church source said that this church has become an object of ridicule. McCoy committed suicide in the year 2021 at the age of 57.

McCoy took this step after the police started investigating him in the case of child sexual abuse. The accused McCoy was chosen by Robert to be the dean. So far it has not been revealed whether Robert also participated in the sex party or not. Robert was appointed in the year 2019. After this revelation, the Church is being criticized all over the world.

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