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Chinese rocket: A big disaster is going to come from China, then a big rocket is going to fall from space

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The disaster left in the sky by China is about to come towards the earth again. The eyes of the world are fixed on this whole development and it is believed that because of China, garbage is going to be collected again in space. Scientists have once again expressed their displeasure over this attitude of China.

BeijingAnother Chinese rocket is about to fall on the earth uncontrollably. This rocket has raised the concerns of the world. Last year, a similar Chinese rocket crashed in the Indian Ocean and its debris caused significant damage to the environment. Experts are worried that the 21-ton rocket March 5B, which was launched by China on Sunday, is now about to explode in the Earth’s atmosphere. Experts are assuming that this rocket will burn completely as soon as it enters the earth. It will suddenly come to the surface and fall at full speed at some unknown place. There is little chance that its debris will fall in a place where there is a lot of population, but experts are concerned that China is unnecessarily increasing the danger in the world.

Launched last week
China launched a rocket last week from the Wenchang launch site in Hainan. The rocket took off with a new solar-powered lab containing the Ventian Experiment Module. It was to go to Tiangong Space Station in China. But now like May last year, this time too there is a possibility of a crash on the earth. US space agency NASA administrator Bill Nelson has accused China of irresponsible attitude. He has said that China is not following the standards responsibly and is very careless about space debris. He said that China is not able to reduce the dangers of rockets re-entering the earth, nor is it transparent about its space program.China Space Station: China takes another step towards space station, launches first lab module in search of ‘heaven’
blast at launch
This Chinese rocket exploded at the time of launch. Now in the coming days it will continue to revolve around the earth. After a few days it will return to the surface. According to experts, there have been many difficulties in the flight path because due to the change in the activities of the sun, there were many fluctuations in the environment. According to experts, the biggest problem with China’s rocket is the launch process and its design. China has denied all allegations that it is irresponsible about the space program. On behalf of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, it has been said that the possibility of damage to anyone due to the rocket is very less.

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