Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

China threatens WHO, which is preparing for the second time to investigate the origin of Corona, said – stay away from politics

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China is preparing to investigate the origin of corona virus for the second time World Health Organization (WHO) has been openly threatened. China has said the WHO investigation is motivated by possible political manipulation. He clearly said that America and many other countries are doing politics over the investigation of WHO. WHO these days origin of corona virus Is preparing to start the investigation for the second time. No scientific opinion has yet been established on the origin of the corona virus that has killed 48 lakh people worldwide.

WHO released a list of 25 experts
The WHO on Wednesday released a proposed list of 25 experts who will advise on the next steps for the discovery of the virus’ origins. Its earlier efforts were described as soft towards China. In China, in December 2019, humans were first detected to be infected with the corona virus. During the February visit of a WHO team, Beijing was accused of not providing the figures. After which China opposed further investigation.

Where was Corona born? China quarantined the WHO team that reached Wuhan to investigate
China said – we will cooperate but…
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China will cooperate and participate in its scientific detection at the global level and strongly oppose any kind of political manipulation. Zhao also said that we hope that all relevant parties and advisory groups, including the WHO Secretariat, will adopt an impartial and accountable scientific approach.

Outcry due to new wave of Corona in China, ban on going from Hebei to Beijing
Scientists from earlier team included
Experts proposed by the United Nations Health Agency include some people who were also on the earlier team. This team went to Wuhan city of China to investigate the origin of Kovid-19. As soon as China reached Wuhan, WHO scientists were quarantined for 14 days. The WHO’s old team included virus and other experts from the US, Australia, Japan, Britain, Russia, the Netherlands, Qatar and Vietnam.

After eight months in China, the first death due to Coronavirus, due to increasing cases, the province again moved towards lockdown.
The first case of corona was found in Wuhan itself
Corona virus infection was first reported in the city of Wuhan in December 2019 and after that it engulfed the whole world. According to China’s National Health Commission (NHC), the WHO team will complete the isolation process under the country’s guidelines for epidemic control before starting work. NHC officials told the media in Beijing on Wednesday that where the virus originated is a scientific question and suggested that experts should visit other countries for this. Questions were also raised on the delayed permission to the WHO team for the tour.

China has been rejecting the Wuhan theory
China has been challenging claims about the origin of the virus in Wuhan. China has been consistently rejecting the notion that the corona virus originated from the animal market in Wuhan. This animal meat market in Wuhan has been closed since early last year.


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