Friday, February 23rd, 2024

China Taliban Oil: Treasure worth Rs 74 lakh crore is hidden in Afghanistan, China started ‘loot’, big deal with Taliban

Kabul: After America’s exodus from Afghanistan, China has now turned its vulture eyes. China has signed an agreement with the Taliban government of Afghanistan to extract oil and gas worth $540 million. Experts say that this is only the beginning and in the coming times, China may deal with the Taliban for many precious metals including gold, nickel, lithium. Not only this, China has started investing on a large scale in Afghanistan as well as in other countries of Central Asia adjacent to it. China’s eyes are now on Rare Earth whose reserves can be worth 1 to 3 trillion dollars in Afghanistan.

According to an estimate, gold, lithium and other minerals worth Rs 74 lakh crore are hidden in Afghanistan. In the latest deal, China’s Xinjiang Central Asia Petroleum has signed an oil and gas deal with the Taliban. The company has said that it will develop the Amu Darya basin in northern Afghanistan in the next 3 years. Raffaello Pantucci, who has written a book on China’s increasing influence in its Muslim-majority countries, believes that the reserves in this oil field are not much, but this area is adjacent to Turkmenistan, where huge reserves of gas have been found.
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Amrullah Saleh expressed unhappiness over this decision of China

The Taliban hopes that this can pave the way for the development of its economy. Pantucci said, “I don’t know if this is just the beginning of many agreements with China, but we will see that many Chinese companies will continue to come to Afghanistan.” Taliban Deputy PM Mullah Baradar said that our administration wants to strengthen the economy of Afghanistan. China has made this agreement when it has not yet given recognition to the Taliban government.

Former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has expressed his unhappiness over this decision of China. At present, there is a great demand for rare earth metals in the world, which are used to make electric cars. According to an estimate, rare earth metals can be found on a large scale in Afghanistan. Taliban hopes that it can get rich by selling rare earths. That is why it is ready to provide security to Chinese companies. Earlier, ISKP terrorists had also threatened China. The Chinese ambassador said about this deal that it is an example of growing cooperation between the two. He also said that China will not interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

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