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China Missile Test: Dragon stunned by Indo-US military exercises, missile test conducted in Tibet on August 15

China Missile Test: China’s Xinjiang Military Command has successfully tested a missile. The Xinjiang Military Command monitors the border with India. When India was celebrating 75 years of its independence, on the same day China has given a big signal by testing this missile.

China did missile test.


  • China test-fires surface-to-air missile on August 15
  • This missile test was done by Xinjiang Military Command.
  • Xinjiang military command guards the border between India and China
Beijing: The People’s Liberation Army of China has tested a surface-to-air missile in the high altitude area of ​​Xinjiang. During this missile test, the Chinese army shot down an aircraft after targeting it. According to reports, this missile test has been done by the Xinjiang Military Command, which oversees the border with India. China did this missile test on the day when India was celebrating the 75th anniversary of independence.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) report said that according to China’s national TV channel CCTV, the Chinese military has conducted a live fire test of a new type of surface-to-air missile in Xinjiang. This test has been done at an altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level. But the date of this test has its own importance. This is because the day China did this test was on August 15. On this day when India was celebrating the 75th anniversary of its independence, China was conducting missile tests near the border.

India and American exercise reaction
The SCMP report states that military observers have identified the missile as the HQ-17A air defense system based on a footage. The missile is part of an integrated system, which can be fitted in a vehicle. It is believed that it is very easy to carry it from one place to another and it is very accurate. China quoted a military observer as saying, ‘This military exercise is a demonstration of resistance to the military exercise of India and America near the China border.’ In fact, at this time the army of India and America are doing maneuvers which will last till August 27.
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The report said that an aircraft flying at a low altitude was first targeted. The missile hit the target in the very first attempt. The operators of the system then shot down another target despite a strong electromagnetic field. This military exercise has taken place in the backdrop of the ongoing military tension between India and China in the Eastern Ladakh region. Thousands of soldiers are deployed from both sides on the LAC. The HQ-17A first appeared in public in 2019.

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