Friday, January 21st, 2022

China made models of American aircraft carriers and warships in the desert, what is the intention?

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  • China is busy increasing its strength against the US Navy
  • Made models of American aircraft carriers and destroyers in the desert
  • practicing to destroy the US Navy with a ballistic missile

Satellite photos taken in the desert of China have created panic in America. Models of American warships and aircraft carriers have been seen in the Chinese military’s Torgate range. It is being claimed about these models made in the Taklamakan desert that the Chinese army is practicing attacks on them. The aircraft carrier is of the Ford class of America, while the battleship is of the Arleigh Burke class. The Ford class is considered America’s most advanced aircraft carrier.

China’s Pole Revealed by Satellite Images
USNI News, based on satellite images, reported that the Ford-class car was built in the desert of the Ruoqiang region in central China. american aircraft carrier And a full scale outline of at least two Earle Burke class destroyers has been made. According to media reports published in 2013, the site is close to an old Torgate range in China. It was used to test early versions of the Chinese military’s aircraft carrier Killer DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles.

China increasing strength against US Navy
New revelations have revealed that China is working to increase its capability against US Navy warships and aircraft carriers. In contrast to the model of the US aircraft carrier built by Iran in the Persian Gulf, this Chinese build looks more realistic. Both these countries are afraid of America’s naval capability. The US has the world’s strongest navy equipped with 11 aircraft carriers.

Putin angry at the entry of American warship into the Black Sea, said – visible through binoculars, the Russian army should be ready
These models are built on flat ground
Pictures from Maxar have shown that China has built this model of the American aircraft carrier on a flat ground. It does not have any lift, weapon system or decoration of fighter planes like carriers. Models of two US destroyer warships have also been built in this area. In these, efforts are also being made to hit the target from a distance by erecting the pole.

Maxar satellite image shows a destroyer target in Ruoqiang, Xinjiang, China.

Another Type 055 destroyer joins the Chinese Navy, being said to be the world’s deadliest warship
The practice of the target is laying the rail line
It is being told that a commercial rail line is also laid in this target area of ​​China. Maxar’s photo taken on 9 October shows a 75-metre-tall target with wide equipment in a 6-metre-wide rail. It is clear from satellite images that China has traditionally used this area for ballistic missile testing.

US Aircraft Carrer Model in China

Models of American warships built in the desert of China


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