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China Covid Death: 1 million new corona cases every day in China, 5 thousand deaths! New report increased the world’s blood pressure

Beijing: In China, the new variant of Corona virus BF.7 has created a ruckus. A new analysis has expressed apprehension that possibly one million people are getting infected every day in China and 5,000 people are dying there every day. Analysts say that the situation in China may worsen in the coming days. According to London’s analytics firm Airfinity Limited, 3.7 million new corona cases can be found every day in China in January. This firm says that if the corona infection in China continues to increase at the same rate, then in March every day 42 lakh people may become victims of infection there.

crowd outside the crematorium
China has not released any detailed numbers of Covid infections, but the infection rate in Beijing could exceed 50 percent, even as high as 70 percent in the most affected areas. This information has been given in the media report on Thursday. According to an analysis in Nikkei Asia, it is being said that crematoriums in Greater Beijing are operating at full capacity but some bodies are waiting to be cremated. The report states that the situation is critical. According to the report, relatively few people die from the Omicron variant, but due to the country’s large elderly population, this variant can give a huge blow to China.
China Corona News: Great explosion of corona virus in China, corpses pile up in hospitals, threat to 800 million people
Zero covid policy ended
China ended its strict zero-covid policy in November and since then, the country has seen a rise and spread faster than expected. As restrictions were further eased earlier this month, crowds started pouring into shops and public places. The cluster infection spread to primary and middle schools, elderly care centers and elsewhere, according to reports. According to some companies, one out of every two employees has been infected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also said that amid the rise of the Covid pandemic in China, hospitals across the country are overflowing with patients.

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bad condition of hospitals
According to reports, the recent outbreak of Corona virus has overwhelmed the medical institutions of the Chinese capital. It said, the hospitals are full. Elderly patients with a fever of 104 degrees have the option of waiting six hours outside hospitals or going home. Many are choosing to go home. Chinese health officials announced only two additional deaths on Monday. No one in China believes that the death toll is so low because many people have witnessed the deaths of elderly family members or neighbors, the report said.
New Covid Variant: Corona variant may be more deadly than BF.7, China’s warning created furore
how does china count

In China, only deaths due to pneumonia or difficulty in breathing are included in the official Covid death toll. A Chinese health official gave this information. In this context, the number of dead automatically decreases while the cases of infection are increasing after the restrictions are relaxed. Weng Guiqiang, chief of infectious disease affairs at Peking University’s No. 1 Hospital, said on Tuesday that deaths due to pre-existing diseases are not counted in the COVID-19 death toll.

no new case on wednesday

China has been conservative in calculating flu or Covid-19 figures. According to the guidelines issued in most countries, including the US, any such death is considered a death related to Kovid-19, in which the disease has been a factor in one way or the other. Weng’s remarks show how China has been operating during the pandemic. According to the daily data released by the National Health Commission, no new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in China on Wednesday, while the death toll stood at 5,241.

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