Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

China Covid Cases: More than twice the vaccination in China than India, then why are the cases of corona increasing? world in tension

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The rapidly increasing cases of corona virus in China have increased the concern of the whole world. China ranks first in the world in terms of Kovid vaccination. So far, more than 223 crore doses of Kovid vaccine have been administered in China. Despite this, there has been a stir in this country due to the spread of Corona again. People are being screened on a large scale in many cities including the capital Beijing. The people who came in contact with the people who are found to be infected are being investigated. At the same time, such people and their living areas are also being sealed.

Ban on hotel booking in the capital Beijing
The total cases of corona in Beijing, once a city with zero infection, have now increased to 9. After which the local administration has again started the Kovid investigation of the people. Not only this, people have also been banned from booking flights and hotels. According to the National Health Commission of China, 38 cases of local spread of infection of Kovid-19 have been reported in different parts of the country.

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Travel records of infected people
The five people found infected in Beijing had traveled to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Shanxi Province between October 12 and October 15. These people returned to Beijing on 16 October. According to the Urban Health Commission of China, another person found infected came in close contact with an infected person. Apart from this, 32 cases of infection were reported in the country on Friday.

Which vaccine is effective?

Vaccine Country Effectiveness (in percent)
coronavac China 56.50
astraZeneca Britain 79
pfizer America-Germany 95
Moderna America 94
johnson and johnson America 67
sputnik-v Russia 92
sinoform China 73

The role of an elderly couple behind the transition!
The reason behind the increase in infection cases is said to be an elderly couple living in Shanghai, who went to many cities including Xian and were found to be suffering from Kovid-19. After this, the officials started working to trace the people who came in contact with the couple. Within three days hundreds of people who had come in close contact with him were traced and five people who had traveled with him were also found infected later.

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People became careless after vaccination
Corona infection was first seen in China. After which this country had a massive lockdown. Later, when people started being given vaccine doses, then the restrictions were also removed. From the beginning of 2021, people in China were seen gathering in big events. A large number of people appeared in front on occasions like Chinese New Year, National Day. People had also given up wearing masks and social distancing.

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China’s vaccine least effective?
Seeing the increasing cases of corona in China, people’s doubts about the effect of China’s vaccine have started deepening. Not only in China, but in every country where this vaccine was applied, the cases of corona have increased rapidly. Many countries, including Mongolia, Bahrain, Seychelles, Chile and Turkey, used China’s vaccine, for which they had to bear the brunt immediately.

China’s vaccine does not have power! WHO said – get the third dose also
Chinese vaccine not effective on new variant
Data from many countries has shown that the Chinese vaccine is not proving effective in preventing corona infection. Especially on the new variant of Corona, the effect of this vaccine is not visible at all. Experts have said that the cases of corona in any country depend on which vaccine is being administered to its citizens by that country.

China threatens WHO, which is preparing for the second time to investigate Corona origin, said – stay away from politics
China itself has accepted the low effect of the vaccine
China’s top health official has himself admitted that the effectiveness of his corona vaccine is very low. Gao Fu, director of the Nie Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said two days ago that the rate of effectiveness of the current vaccine is very low. Talks are being held with Chinese vaccine makers to increase this.


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