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China Balochistan: Pakistan’s Gwadar turned into a jail because of China, friendship with Dragon will now have to pay a heavy price

Karachi: On the one hand, the economic crisis of Pakistan and on the other, the protests in Gwadar of Balochistan, the government of the country is not able to understand where the mistake is being made. Gwadar is the place which could have made Pakistan rich. But today this part is crying over poverty. A port was being built at Gwadar under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Along with this, many more infrastructure projects also started. Today everything is stuck and the public has come out on protest. CPEC is the favorite project of Chinese President Xi Jinping. But now this project has failed.

Protests intensify in Gwadar
The authorities of Pakistan have also understood that CPEC has derailed. That’s why they have started showing strictness on Gwadar. Media is being kept out from entire Balochistan today. Demonstrations have been going on in Gwadar for the last few months and these demonstrations are being carried out under the leadership of the party Haq Do Tehreek. The head of this party is Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman and he/she is the son of a fisherman. No one asked any questions even after heaps of dead bodies were seen on the roadside in Balochistan. China wanted to build highway, road and rail network in Balochistan under CPEC. But nothing could happen. US Pakistan Economy: Dollars will rain on Pakistan! American President Biden melts on the poor country
public sidelined
If experts are to be believed, Pakistan did not take any care of the people here. The original residents of this place were kept away from the benefits of this place. They are not even allowed to catch fish which is their livelihood. The new road network that has been built will completely destroy the local boat building industry here. Old Gwadar has been made just like a dustbin but no one is bothered about it at all.

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Where the port is being constructed in Gwadar, the Chinese are nowhere to be seen. The locals jokingly refer to the Chinese as Yajuj-Majuj. Gwadar which is very beautiful and surrounded by beaches, instead of roaming there, these people stay inside. This place looks like a prison from a distance.
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Institute of Technology lying idle

Experts believe that once the project is over, these people will be eager to return home and taste freedom. The Gwadar Institute of Technology, which has become very beautiful, was also prepared by China in the year 2021 and handed over to the people here. Here everything from the lecture hall to the class room looks world class. The campus is huge but there are no teachers or staff. Yes, a watchman is always visible. No one knows what will happen next for such an expensive institute.

Pakistan will pay a big price

It is true that Balochistan is very rich and the people here have not benefited at all from it. People just think of ruling it from afar. This is the place which could have made Pakistan rich by following the path of development. But today the reverse is happening. Experts believe that there is a need to understand Balochistan and if this is not done then next time a big price will have to be paid.

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