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Chhavi Mittal got angry at the trollers, said- ‘Surviving cancer was a life-changing experience for me’

Chhavi Mittal on Trolls: TV actress Chhavi Mittal has been vocal about her breast cancer. He shared every single moment with the fans and also made women aware. However, they are often trolled as well. Recently, the actress faced trolling due to her bikini photos. Now he has given a befitting reply to the trollers.

Chhavi Mittal replied to trolling

Chhavi Mittal has shared a screenshot of a user on Instagram account, in which it is written, “Breast cancer mein breast katne nahi padte hain?” Responding to this insensitive comment, Chhavi wrote, “Yes. This insensitivity still happens. I had recently posted some pictures/reels of a sea beach vacation and this comment caught my attention. My breast is being discussed like a commodity here. I am a breast cancer survivor and I have fought a lot to keep this organ alive.

Chhavi Mittal further wrote, “I completely understand the curiosity around this issue, a little sensitivity won’t hurt, don’t you think? This person has even said that “celebs are addicted to such comments”. Well, celebs are humans too. They have emotions like normal humans. They get cancer like normal humans. They live or die like normal humans. Not! Those who fight with physical as well as life-long emotional consequences are not “used” to such insensitive comments.

Chhavi told about her breast cancer procedure

Answering the question of the user, Chhavi Mittal said, “For the understanding of women, let me tell you how the surgery works. Lumpectomy, which I did. In this only the lump is removed. In mastectomy, the entire breast is removed due to the spread of cancer. I keep giving you information from time to time. I had also done reconstruction surgery to make the breast look like before. This was done by cutting a piece of my latissimus dorsi muscle and creating a mini flap. In case of mastectomy, silicone can be opted for. I didn’t need silicosis.”

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Chhavi said, “Let me say that surviving cancer has been a life-changing experience for me. This is a new life that I am living and it is not the same as before. It’s been 7 months and I still start crying emotionally. It is not my fault, but it happens daily. I survived it. It is an honor to be the owner of such a body.

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