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Cheapest goods are available in these Tibetan markets of Delhi, not in Sarojini and Janpath, this market will rarely be heard

As soon as a day or two comes on the weekend, then one wants to relax in it or like to refresh himself by visiting some fun place. There are some among them who like to go shopping only every Saturday and Sunday. If you also fall in the category of shopaholic, then today we tell you about those Tibetan markets in Delhi, which you must have heard about before. Here you can buy all kinds of clothes very cheap.

Majnu ka Tila

This Market Popularly known as ‘Little Tibet’, here you will see the maximum number of Tibetan refugees. Majnu ka Tila was established in 1960, around the same time the Dalai Lama moved to Dharamsala due to exile. The market is home to a large number of retail stalls including bookshops, curio shops, metalsmiths, beauty parlors, internet cafes, travel agencies and many boutiques. There are many shops here which also sell imitation Chinese silk and Oriental clothes. You can also buy dry fruits cheap from here. There are a few shops here that sell beautiful items of Tibetan handicrafts. You can visit the shops here to buy some of the best souvenirs.

Address: New Aruna Nagar Colony, North Delhi

Tibet Market, Janpath – Tibet Market, Janpath


Delhi Another Tibetan market is one of the popular markets of Janpath. Here, you will find shops selling clothes and accessories, which are most popular among college going youth in Delhi. Shops selling footwear and other leather products are also very popular. Everything you get here will be very trendy and stylish and yes cheap too. The market is famous for sculptures, shawls, paintings and Tibetan artifacts, including many jewelery and semi-precious stones. Here you can also enjoy delicious Tibetan food. Zomsa and Shakura are some of the restaurants in this market that you should definitely visit.

Address: Janpath, Connaught Place

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Monastery Market – Monastery Market


From tourists to college goers, this market is always full of people. You will find here many good quality products like clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories at throwaway prices. Math market is also of woolen clothes market Is. This market is also known for quality winter clothes. People flock here to buy great woolen clothing including shawls, pullovers, stoles, leather jackets, sweaters, cardigans and gloves. These woolen clothes are available here at a very affordable price. Tibetan lucky charms are popularly traded at the Monastery Market in Delhi. These are small coin-like pendants hanging on red threads, which brighten the luck of the people.

Address : Connaught Place, Delhi

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Tibetan Shopping Complex, Pitampura – Tibet Shopping Complex, Pitampura


The Tibetan Market in Pitampura is another famous market for Tibetan goods. You will find variety of clothes, accessories and bags at very good prices. While most Tibetan shopping centers are popular with college-going girls and women, this market is especially popular for men. clothing Known for.

Address : Harsh Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi

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Singing Bowl Center – Singing Bowl Center


If you have a passion for artwork, then you must visit the Singing Bowl Center near Jama Masjid. In this market you will find many shops selling Tibetan handicrafts, singing bowls, Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowls, decorative items, religious crafts and sculptures. This place is known for some of the best home decor items, which you will hardly find in any other market in Delhi.

Address: Jama Masjid, Delhi

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