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Changed stand on Doklam? Know why Bhutan’s PM’s statement is a matter of tension for India

Prime Minister of Bhutan Lotay Tshering.

New Delhi: A statement related to China by Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lotay Tshering may increase India’s concerns. Tshering has said in an interview to a Belgian newspaper ‘La Libre’ that China has not established any village in the border of Bhutan. At the same time, he/she also said that China also has an equal right to find a solution to the Doklam border dispute. Explain that India believes that China has occupied that area, in such a situation, this latest statement by the Prime Minister of Bhutan can create new difficulties.

‘Bhutan alone cannot solve border dispute’

The Prime Minister of Bhutan said that his/her country alone cannot resolve the border dispute. he/she said, ‘We are three countries. No country is big or small. There are three identical countries. In such a situation, each has a share of one-third. Actually, till now on the basis of satellite photographs, it was told that China has established 10 villages inside the border of Bhutan. Now that Bhutan’s Prime Minister himself has said that China has not encroached on its territory, it has become difficult for India to put its stand firmly on the matter.

Why Bhutan’s statement is a blow to India
The Bhutanese PM’s talk of China’s participation in finding a solution to the Doklam dispute is being considered as a big blow for India. India opposes Chinese incursions in Doklam from the beginning, as this area is strategically close to the highly sensitive Siliguri Corridor. It is a narrow strip of land that separates the northeastern states of India from the rest of the country. China’s strategy is to cut off India’s contact with the Northeast by closing the Siliguri Corridor in case of war. In such a situation, the dragon is trying to penetrate more and more inside the area of ​​Doklam.

Bhutan completely changed stand on Doklam
Bhutan’s PM saying that we can discuss after both the other sides (India and China) are ready, shows that Bhutan has now accepted China as a party in the Doklam dispute. This statement of the Bhutanese PM is in sharp contrast to his/her statement given in 2019, in which he/she had said that neither side should do anything unilaterally near the current trijunction point of the three countries. This point is located at a place named Batang La. China’s Chumbi Valley lies to the north of Batang La, Bhutan to the south and east while India lies to the west.

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