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Chandrayaan-3: Is there a plot available on the moon? Even Bollywood stars have bought it, what is the matter?

New Delhi: India’s Chandrayaan-3 is ready to create history. Its lander Vikram is preparing to land on the lunar surface. The eyes of the whole world including India are fixed on this. This will pave the way for many space missions in future. One of these missions is also to set up a human settlement on the moon. If this happens, it can be used as a platform in future space missions. Along with this, the issue of buying land on the moon has also started gaining momentum once again. From time to time such news keep coming that such and such celebrity has bought land on the moon. Sometimes the name of Shahrukh Khan, and sometimes the name of Sushant Singh Rajput is heard. Not only this, many common people have also bought land on the moon. During the Corona period, many people in the country had started the business of selling land on the moon.

According to media reports, late actor Sushant Singh Rajput had bought land on the moon in the year 2018. Sushant then claimed that he had bought land on the moon from the International Lunar Lands Registry. This land of his is in the Sea of ​​Muscovy area of ​​the moon. He got this land in his name on 25 June 2018. He became the first Bollywood actor to buy land on the moon. However, before that a fan had gifted land on the moon to Shahrukh Khan. Similarly, in 2002, Rajiv Bagdi of Hyderabad and Lalit Mohta of Bangalore in 2006 also claimed to have bought land on the moon. If you believe in these people, then sooner or later man has to settle on the moon.

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what does the law say

Taking a plot on the moon is simply a way of expressing fashion or emotions. Everyone knows that it is not possible to settle on the moon. Not only India but people from many other countries have bought land on the moon. According to media reports, two organizations in the world, Luna Society International and International Lunar Lands Registry, claim to sell land on the moon. He claims that many countries of the world have authorized him to sell land on the moon. But there is no proof of this. However, now the link of the website of these institutions is not opening.

According to International Space Laws, buying land on the moon is not legally valid. The reason for this is that celestial bodies i.e. moon, stars and other celestial objects do not come under any country. According to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, no country or person has rights over any planet or their satellites in space. 110 countries including India have signed it. It states that outer space is a common heritage. Companies claim to do registry of land on the moon without any rights. It is a kind of scam.

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piece of paper

The business of selling land on the moon has grown tremendously in the last few years. According to, the cost of an acre of land on the moon is US$37.50. In Indian currency, this amount is approximately Rs 3112.52. This price is very less. This is the reason why people get carried away by emotions and get registered. However, this registry is just a piece of paper. The reason for this is that this registry has no importance in the eyes of the law. That is, there is no use of buying land on the moon. That’s why people should avoid getting trapped in this affair.

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