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Central Railway achieved a big achievement, earned Rs 54.51 crore from advertisement alone

Photo:FILE Central Railway earned more than Rs 50 crore from advertisements.

Indian Railways has instructed all zonal railways to increase non-ticket income. Through this effort of Railways, it is to earn income from sources other than traditional sources. For this reason, all railway zones are trying to increase the income from non-ticketing.

Central Railway’s advertising income reaches Rs 54 crore

Financial Express reported that the impact of this initiative of Indian Railways has been visible on the advertising income of Central Railways. Between April and October 2023, Central Railway has earned an income of Rs 54.51 crore from advertisements alone. Out of this, Rs 8.19 crore has been earned from vinyl wrapping on train coaches, Rs 28.61 crore from hoarding advertisements at stations and Rs 17.72 crore from TV screen advertisements at railway stations.

Total Income of Central Railway

Let us tell you, Central Railway has divisions like Mumbai, Bhusaval, Nagpur, Solapur and Pune. From April to October 2023 of the current financial year, Central Railway has earned an income of Rs 4,129.30 crore from 90.76 crore passengers. Out of this, Rs 525.34 crore has been earned from suburban unreserved ticketing, Rs 700.31 crore from non-suburban unreserved ticketing, Rs 1225.65 crore from UTS and Rs 2903.96 crore from passenger reservation system.

In the month of October, Zonal Railways earned Rs 436.18 crore from the Passenger Reservation System. During the same period, it earned Rs 78.13 crore from suburban ticketing sales, Rs 115.49 crore from non-suburban ticketing and Rs 193.62 crore from UTS. Zonal Railways has appealed to the passengers to travel with proper and valid railway tickets to avoid inconvenience and travel respectfully.

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